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  1. You ordered something from Amazon didnt you

  2. lol yeah but I'm feeling impatient about something else rn

  3. yes we'd still be breast friends

  4. I have a big, fat black and white cat that's named, you guessed it. Satan. He's a dick and fucks with the other animals relentlessly so we changed his name from emrys to Satan. The best part? I often sing to him about how much I love him. Loudly. One time, Mormon missionaries came to my door and I opened it literally singing, "Oh how I looooove Satan and oh how he loooves meeeee!" Yeah, they haven't been back.....

  5. Only 1 dude's horny (at the moment)... something's wrong...

  6. I've heard more songs from Marilyn Manson than NIN.

  7. HMMM .This sounds more like a brown Buddha /Alien king question. is somebody spoofing garys I.D. tonight?

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