1. Funaki actually was invited iirc. The gravies and Art Davies put out an ad in black belt magazine calling out a bunch of fighters for the first UFC. It was mostly American kickboxers and K1 guys before K1 existed. Iirc Judo Gene Lebell and the Gymkata guy were invited too. But yeah Funaki was included in the callout

  2. A lot of men fudge their height because they’re uncomfortable/insecure about it.

  3. Its a societal problem unfortunately. It'll keep happening as long as shorter men are treated worse.

  4. I’m surprised no one on here has ever abused the fact that Tito is on there

  5. He even made it seem like Marvin's fault lmfao. First time I saw one fighter gaslight another

  6. You should. As part of an all meat diet. Liver for appetizer, regular ole steak as entree for all 3 meals. Soon you'll be as healthy as Jordan Peterson

  7. Does this mean we are getting the Paulo fight because that would be nutty.

  8. Yup, Bryan,Lei, Law & King/AK are pretty blatant with their inspirations. Then Devil is straight up Devilman.

  9. he kept asking open ended questions to both guys forcing them to talk over each other and making it awkward. Chandler checked him early on it

  10. Teenage MacDonald had a great fight with Condit.

  11. Fun question: how many other welterweights would have beaten Rory MacDonald on that night? He was brilliant. It’s just that Robbie Lawler was a different animal. One of my favorite fights of all time.

  12. “You’re a special kind of liar bro and I feel sorry for you. Actually, I feel more sorry for the people in your life who actually believe a word that comes out of your mouth. The way lies can just roll off your tongue is honestly impressive. You’re disgusting”

  13. MMA rulebook I'm Sitting on about $8 million cash, I have $2 million in real estate. I won the UFC belt nine times. I'm internationally famous. I'm 6'4. You on the other hand: i'm guessing 5 feet flat, I'm guessing with the net worth of $100,000. Never won any titles, can walk around without anyone giving a fuck who you are or what you do. my point is, you and I as UFC athletes are not even close to being on the same level. I'm guessing that's why you are constantly attacking me, it's understandable. You're literally and figuratively like a book compared to someone like me. I'm actually questioning myself as I'm writing this thinking "why am I even giving you the time of day" every time I turn around you are writing me some bullshit, why do you try so hard to get my attention?

  14. The crowd seems to agree that Aldo, Whittaker and GSP are the main ones.

  15. GSP isn't really an anti wrestler when he was implementing offensive wrestling all the time.

  16. GSP should count because antiwrestling is more than just stuffing takedowns (that is just defensive wrestling), it refers to using a systematized approach to deny a wrestling gameplan from your opponent, which GSP did.

  17. Struggling atm due to housemate University drama. It doesn't involve me at all, but I know I'm gonna get dragged into it and forced to take a side at some point, probably soon.

  18. It feels like 2016 again and I am watching the old video of a twink at the High Wall to the sound of Fukkireta (I'm getting old).

  19. Nick Diaz: Complaints about being labelled as a thug/bully in the marketing

  20. homelander and soldier boy.............peacemaker and red dragon........even heihachi and kazuya, jinpachi and heihachi........why can't they love the greatest gift of their life?

  21. I'm sure Jinpachi tried to love Heihachi until he turned out to be so evil lol

  22. I have this too. Idk what the hell it is, if its an ADHD thing or something else

  23. Both Tony and Cory have that weird hunchback. Hunchback best base for making your opponents bleed.

  24. No email, but you can sometimes get a webform if you log into your account. It did seem at some point that the webform was only available in working hours. There's also live chat there. Some things might disappear if they're busy.

  25. Phone line is currently very busy but opens at 9 on Saturdays. You get a load of prerecorded messages throughout the connection tree but you do get put through to a real person after they stop telling you to look at the website, there's just a bit of silence between the last recording and the start of the queue

  26. Hm OK, when I went on the phone before it said there was technical issues so I'll have to try again

  27. T7 is basically PS3 fidelity funnily enough. Tag2 looked better in certain conditions too lol.

  28. I remember saying this a couple years ago and getting so much shit from people. I'm still salty about it lmaoo but its true.

  29. Thank goodness someone actually gets it here lol. People acting like he went on a 12 fight win streak against top competition based on toughness alone lmao

  30. I really hope Keith's wife is called Kath

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