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  1. Check the hoses and belt if there is any doubt replace. I would do the thermostat just because you are right there and have the coolant drained. I am assuming it has not ever been changed

  2. Thermostat hasn't ever been changed, coolant was done about 40,000 miles ago so I probably was going to flush that soon anyway. Thanks for the tip

  3. Not to mention that LCS ships are heaping piles of garbage and constant money pits.

  4. The Navy claims that the new ships will not have that failure on the transmission like the earlier ones, but regardless it's pretty embarrassing that so many were built with that issue before they changed the design.

  5. I think it was 8 or 9? But the first four built were the really bad ones.

  6. Got her a little while ago but finally finished oiling and waxing the stock. Not done historically, but its CMP furniture anyways. Used Tru Oil and Birchwood Casey Stock Wax since it was on hand.

  7. Turned out really nice IMO, I've got an Expert grade on the way, will be my first CMP as well, and my first Garand, not sure how to treat the stock yet.

  8. I don’t know who told you that they are illegal, but they couldn’t be more wrong. You can buy one on a non-restricted license.

  9. This is true, I live in MN but have family in MB, I check up on Canadian laws regularly just so I know what I can bring across for hunting season every year. I used to be able to bring my Remington 750 Woodsmaster chambered in 6mm, but since it's semi-auto and the magazine I have holds more than 5, it's not allowed anymore. The Garand is exempted because it was designed to hold exactly 8, and it's a non-removable magazine.

  10. I think you can own one, but it most likely has to be a Brenda or Beretta, who made them under license, not one of the USGI manufacturers.

  11. It doesn't matter who made it, the Garand is legal in Canada, it's exempted from the 5 rd capacity limit.

  12. Must have some big-ass rings or something, I've never seen a door handle that scratched up.

  13. Are Hooah Wipes still a thing they sell in the PX, for men who are too manly and tough to just use regular baby wipes?

  14. I actually like using those better for field baths, not because of fragile masculinity, but because they're thicker and bigger than baby wipes, which is really nice for your face after a day of stubble growth, they don't leave nearly as many little paper tufts on your face.

  15. It's dope, you put a ton of work into this, I really hope you're successful. I always thought that logo looked weird on anything other than a bumper sticker, and even then it looks old, not historic, just old.

  16. Home Depot has a similar deal, I signed up online, don't get any emails.

  17. That's fucked, I mean, I could always have some sympathy for someone who accidentally dropped a pair of nods or something small like that, it's easy to see where a sleep-deprived teenager might make that mistake. But a whole ass M4? Come on dude...

  18. This one time when I was just a lowly cadet we were doing the annual training at Knox. CIET was basically basic-lite and only a month long. It sucked but was a cakewalk.

  19. Would've been a lot worse without the rifle I'm sure, good on you for helping him out.

  20. It's just gone, the value of the stock is down. Think of the stock as another asset, like a classic car.

  21. It's just gone, the value of the stock is down. Think of the stock as another asset, like a classic car.

  22. Oh wow. You wanna do volunteers??? But you dont wanna give actual soldiers who are in service who want to go to airborne school a chance to go if not for an airborne unit???

  23. Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the US Army, looks like people on vacation, or some weird foreign military family day?

  24. Always loved how the game mechanic of the whole billboard thing is basically "take the most expensive/powerful car you have and hurl it repeatedly at Mexican infrastructure/private property."

  25. Not if you maintain your car properly lol. Also sometimes e-brakes rust out or dont work anymore in old cars.

  26. My least favorite is the right VC on a Grand Cherokee. The PCV really makes that a chore.

  27. I just replaced the PCV on my wife's GC, used the dorman one that comes with regular hex bolts to replace the torx.

  28. My wife is Canadian, from Manitoba and moved to be with me while I was active duty Army in Colorado. After getting out of the Army we moved to Grand Forks, so I could go to school close to her family. Really liked the town, but it's kind of a boring area.

  29. OMG I sooooo miss Duluth!!! In High school, my Canadian girls and I would drive to Duluth on the weekends to shop at Miller Hill Mall! Omg it feels like I’m rehashing great memories! I forget Virginia and Duluth are so close together!!! I got my Prom dress in 2006 from Duluth!

  30. Part of me really wants to go back to CO, it's where I grew up, but I don't have any family there anymore, my side is in Iowa, and hers are in MB, so this is as close to the middle as it gets.

  31. Most public bathrooms in Europe you have to pay for, whether or not you buy anything in the store. Coin-op doors.

  32. I doubt it's anywhere near the level it is in Europe. Wouldn't know how to spot one if I saw one anyway.

  33. I swear I'm watching the episodes in sync with this person, literally watched that one last night. First time watching the whole show in order.

  34. This is so dumb, I mean, two incomes paying for one house/apartment, would be so much cheaper. Marriage is a financial win, if he's worried about what could happen during a divorce, just get a prenup.

  35. I would just start applying for stuff, I don't know what country you're in but my brother makes $17.50 an hour here in Minnesota in an aircraft assembly plant, with no higher education, it's literally his first job.

  36. Well, most people aren't pilots, so when talking to most people, you should use the name they'd use. It's like going to Europe and insisting on measuring distance in miles.

  37. K just stands for US, C for Canada, E for the UK and so on, each country has a letter code. So MSP is KMSP, and Winnipeg's airport YWG, is CYWG. It's for international flight planning, but regular passengers don't need to know that, so they just use the shortened version on your ticket.

  38. Question: Why do so many (all of them?) of Canada's airport codes include the letter "Y"?

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