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Skyrim map is small when compared to other ones but it feels huge

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  1. In paracuellos del jarama there is a pretty ig hill where u have one of the best views of the airport

  2. Also, if the seagull was level 3 I suppose he could have done it one more time?

  3. Is this an old video? This was patched

  4. This argument could be made for any week that doesn't line up with a group's playstyle. It's one week for funsies - you can level up pets to sell, level up different breeds or colours, or just take the week off to not worry about your weekly chore.

  5. But this is imo by far the week that doesnt fit most players style, even tho i enjoy it, i get pets matches far more often :D

  6. Your golden egg spend should look like this: epic research -> hyperloop -> fuel tank -> boosts -> artefacts.

  7. alright! And where in epic research? I am playig mostly idle not active unless im watching tv or else

  8. Whatever you can spend your eggs on. You'll get them all eventually.

  9. Dios! Justo el otro día hablé de esto con mi pareja y mis compañeros de oficina!!

  10. Its not men vs women. Its individuals competing at chess to see who is the best. This point makes no sense.

  11. if you have 100 random people in a tournament, 10 women and 90 men, by % the menare going to be more likely to win it or to be top places.

  12. "Pa amb tomàquet", not "pantumaca", "botifarra", not "butifarra", please.

  13. he/she is answering to an american that stated that speaks spanish but not catalan, why would he say pa amb tomaquet? to confuse the op even further?

  14. I guess "pantumaca" is not cringe to you, though.

  15. Spectral Mausoleum and Bone Flingers are the two best free towers for physical DPS and magical DPS respectively. The Gargoyles and Possession abilities on Mausoleum will sometimes carry the whole level for you. Melting Furnace is great when dealing with large numbers of enemies at once. If you're playing the Steam version and have access to the premium towers for free, Swamp Thing and Blazing Gem are ridiculously overpowered.

  16. Thanks man! I will surely check it out!

  17. yes, with the new update basically there’s no point keep playing

  18. F then i will look for another mobile game to kill time, thanks bud

  19. Spanish scene is a full on shitshow, once you watch it close enough, you realize you dont want anything to do with it.

  20. You should try faceit, way better, 128 tick and friendly fire off are two main things for me, I still don't know why people play mm

  21. I have never play on faceit, are molotovs dmg also ff off? That could be so broken

  22. No doubt!! Since I got into this new house, the fridge from time to time makes a dripping sound, I told the owner of the house, but she says it is just the tubes of the fridge. There is no running water from under it tho...

  23. In spain spanish is Happy Meal, same as english.

  24. YAY! Why drop me Invicible or Al´ar ashes when I can get two equal rolls in a row :D :D :D

  25. Ronaldo might be the biggest troll in the spanish lol in a while. So much fun

  26. Oh alright, and is there anyway of making it so if u are not heading the higher spot, the invisble ramp doesnt affect you?

  27. What you said sound like a very cool solution but unfortunately cannot be done in the ancient Source 1 engine , I can see it be done through coding in other engines though.

  28. lets wait for source2 or better, im sure it will be soon! HAHANO..

  29. You can't unequip an item if it would leave a character without an item in that slot. You can swap it for a different item if you have any though.

  30. Sorry for the late reply but thanks! I am loving the game but it has a lot of work to get done yet! Looking for new updates :)

  31. while this is great, next time upload only the end of the match in my opinion, or the early match in x4, its gets so long to watch the nice part.

  32. Yes you can, but in crappy mobiles or pc it gets reddit kind of laggy. It is no very important, just a tip from my pov

  33. anyone wants about wow? with all islands at worlds

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