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  1. He's the worst monster thare how was this allowed he's probably giving kids nightmares I'm just happy it's a fictional character and the French aren't real

  2. They said legal, not ethical, jesus christ people

  3. Experiences being unethical is the reason they are illegal idiot

  4. Clone peeps and then try to transplant old heads to young clone bodies to see if I could make someone immortal.

  5. Immortality is nice I guess but a bit too much, what about just creating a clone of yourself the moment you are born so that if you ever need an organ transplant you already have a perfectly matching one?

  6. Why did they make Joel look older? Did they just use his model in Tlou2 flashbacks? He clearly has too much grey hair

  7. Idk but that woman is probably crushing his fingers and he's hiding the pain

  8. There is nothing above, he sees no god up there, other than himself x)

  9. Best rats I've seen in gaming are in red dead redemption 2 and horizon forbidden west

  10. I've actually played both and totally forgot about outer wilds, which I did confuse for outer worlds, funny enough. I do get the reference now, thanks for the slap on the back of the head.

  11. It's just that all you need to finish the game is knowledge. There isn't any sort of upgrades, level up, you explore and figure out everything by yourself from scratch.

  12. I did the sleep one hour trophy in the dead end chapter. Near the memory about having a little cottage, reading books and fishing all day. So it became my favourite place to sleep.

  13. Wow I've learnt so much thank you. I'm never getting a hamster.

  14. Hi, I'm not able to send you a message. Could you please send me a DM?

  15. Probably depression but I don't know I never hurt myself, and I also have problems caused by the fact that I eat less because I can't get myself to lose weight in a healthy way. And I think I should have a psychologist because I'm 21 and still unable to do anything with my life, feel like I stopped growing up, didn't get the mental growth most people have at that point.

  16. I didn't scroll long enough at first and I thought you were getting your very first own human

  17. Easy, I can finally read the book I bring everywhere if this exact thing happens to me.

  18. “I paid $120,000 for someone to tell me to go read Jane Austen, and then I didn’t.”

  19. I feel like it takes some time for a kid realising they could like reading. Since a lot of kid were forced to read books when they get older they feel like they hate it. That's what I thought until someone got me a book as a present, I thought the present sucked but the cover showed a wolf so I was interested. It was White Fang by Jack London and was the first book I ever actually wanted to read. Well all of this to say if the guy read 120 books by now the other guy can stop paying him he will read books just because he likes it now.

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