2. Jozi is a place, Johannesburg SA. It sounds from interviews as if he had to move with his family to CA as a teen and really misses the place. You can hear echoes of those feelings in Summertime, Kalahari Down, and City of Gold.

  3. Thank you for the explanation! I knew he was from Johannesburg but it never occurred to me to call it Jozi. I know very very little about the place. Thanks!!

  4. You're welcome. My logical, academic explanation for knowing this stuff is that I'm doing research for an article. My real explanation is that I can't stop watching and listening to OP's interviews. Help!

  5. Hahaha why would I help such a great addiction!?! Now I need to hear them all too

  6. Bonus points Q is trans. Sadly retired from music , respectfully reclusive now

  7. Just a heads up. If you subscribe now there is a great glitch. Hit subscribe to seasonal. Then you will get a pop up asking if you want their fall box for $15 off. Say yes and it is added to your cart. Then add LUMINOUS40 discount code. This takes 40% off of your spring crate and off of the already discounted fall crate. The same goes on the Relax and Radiate box. Add the winter box and the code RADIATE40 . I GOT 2 BOXES FOR $51 plus shipping. For some reason shipping was higher on the R&R Crates. You'll get 2 boxes for the price of 1. They have full spoilers of the past Crates. Only for new subscribers so use a new email Addy lol

  8. I was raised with similar expectations. As far back as I can remember, it was my job to do things like bring him a drink the moment he got in the door and take his dirty plate to the kitchen for him. Stuff like that. I was not to make a sound while he watched TV or read the newspaper. It was my job to clean up after my older brother as well. Mom was a stay-at-home mother of seven kids and she agreed with it all because it was how she had been raised. Us girls stayed in the house to do all the indoor and yard chores (mowing, bottle feeding calves, etc.) while the boys drove the tractors and fed the cows.

  9. Sucks that you had to set those boundaries but you're a legend for getting away and moving on!!!

  10. Anything that says smoothing or moisturizing is going to be hard for fine thin hair. The last thing you need is to attract moisture/weight to your hair. The strengthening set would be good if you need repair but can make your hair feel hard if you have healthy hair. I'd stick with anything that said weightless, thickening or volumizing. None of these would be my first choice for you. The prices may be great but fine thin hair Needs to be spoilt not smothered.

  11. He'll always be remembered. I'd rather go out in a way no one would ever forget than just ride off in a taxi.

  12. I wish my parents had let me make my own life decisions. My entire life was planned out and I was expected to be exactly what they had decided. The more I fought it the stri ter they became. I finally just left home at 15. Let them have a voice and encourage their interests. I was expected to be a cheerleader then an accountant. I wanted none of that. Too many rules just makes a kid a good liar. And they want to get away as fast as possible

  13. I fold a paper towel in the bottom. Once I wash my berries I usually leave them on a plate without a cover. They don't get so mushy

  14. The closest I can find is Icelandic , energy cannot come in and all energy is frozen out. Two staves put together??? Or it could just be something made up from supernatural TV show lol

  15. Wow! That’s helpful..! I would be so disappointed if I didn’t get anything at all!

  16. The only past coach item that I remember were earrings. Some people liked them , some said they were very cheap looking

  17. If you're not eating/drinking, a long long time. Just drinking, there will be some transfer to the cup, but your lips won't look bad. Eating, I'd reapply after (I usually wipe my lipstick off before eating because I don't want to eat my lipstick). Make out session, if it's a good one, you'll both be wearing it and looking like clowns. For a normal office job work day, apply in the morning, reapply after lunch, and look fine for happy hour.

  18. I own the Gold perfume and love it (as does my spouse). Scent is so individual! I would say if you like Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and YSL Black Opium you’d like Gold. I own and wear all of these and think they have a similar vibe.

  19. You had me at Tom Ford Tobacco! Really nice of OP to post this for us!! The shades are so similar. Darker than they looked on the website. I like them both

  20. I was firmly in the I hate this storyline camp until the roof box incident then I just starting rolling with the comedy life 😂

  21. If you're broke call 211. They can help you at least get started. Its a long wait to get a human but they do try to help

  22. Thank you! Moneys not a problem but you know how difficult it can be to setup housing situations last minute

  23. I've moved to other countries and states then when I got their found out the new flatmate wasn't ideal. I hope you find something you like. It's not easy to get a place in this town. 211 could at least give you a list of places maybe

  24. I’m curious about your line of work now though…!

  25. I was cutting a guy's hair once and he told me how heavy a human leg is to carry. This whole long story about how he kept dropping it. Finally I said what do you do? Orderly, he was taking the amputated leg down to wherever they go.

  26. It is pretty hilarious. You know he isn't going to get caught today so it's amusing to see how he gets himself out of the situation.

  27. Isn't that sad! I was looking forward to bracelet making time and it was's your trash sweetie

  28. It was so bad! The cheapest looking beads I've ever seen. Not one niece wanted it

  29. I bought a $3.99 pack of cupcakes once. Using snap. The bitch behind the register made loud comments so the whole place could hear. Because I'm poor I guess I'm not allowed a fucking birthday treat. Poor and disabled people deserve treats. Our lives are shit. I can't afford to eat out , I don't drink or use drugs. My only vice is diet coke and one small sweet a day. You'd maybe be surprised how often a check out person is rude about food stamps. Just using them. I'll get the snide...wish the govt bought me food.. so I now say. I'll trade my incurable illness for your job any day.

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