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  1. New heel character called “The baker” and his finisher is a cream pie.

  2. Must have gotten stuck in his new car.

  3. My dude needs a pride of lions to keep him away from food.

  4. Show of hands. How many of you all read that quote in his voice?

  5. He didn’t take the 250k from Lexington Steele.

  6. One of the funniest hours of all time.

  7. Interstellar The big short Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams Ronin Blazing Saddles

  8. Your nickname is Hostess Cakes. Because you’re good for a cheap cream pie.

  9. Linguini with clams, lemon and Calabrian chili served with a chilled pecorino.

  10. Being one of the stronger older guys at the gym. Age 46

  11. Neil Young days you can identify as Transformer Man.

  12. Follow @sexwithemily on IG she’s great.

  13. Y’all are awesome! Lots for me to try. Thank you! Side note, I do make my own wings, sometimes I do a slow confit in chicken fat and then a flash crisp. Otherwise I do boil and broil style.

  14. Every 10 out there has someone who is sick of their shit.

  15. Also Black Belt: rolls in RVCA spats with no shorts over them.

  16. Nothing on that stage is tight, except her arteries.

  17. Scott the engineer 250,000 dollar anal bit was gold.

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