[No Spoilers] Vi looks at c̶u̶p̶ cake

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  1. If you did mostly strength/melee I would recommend magic! I just started a new character after finishing the game with a dex build very focused on melee and I am loving starting as a confessor moving into a mostly faith build.

  2. I didn’t see you mention mileage. Make sure she has a way to track mileage on her vehicle so she can claim it on taxes

  3. Don’t advertise and if you need too only do it at local feed stores the work you get from social media you don’t want and know one else does either that’s why they’re looking for a shoer on Facebook

  4. You gotta feel put the individual. Some people freely admit they don't know and gladly take instruction. Some are a little more delicate. I'm 33 and I had one client who always used to tell me how she's been around horses for 50+years. Then she'd stand there hand feeding her horse hay which would end up all over my head and back....couldn't tell her shit though.

  5. Yikes. Being around horses is not the same as constantly learning and growing in your horsemanship. 🙃

  6. People from Arkansas can be rich too 💀

  7. I’m from the same city as Symone. I am fairly certain she did not grow up rich knowing what I know about the place and some of the things I saw in her very early social media when I was following her.

  8. I helped you out the other day with Godfrey, happy to do the same with Radagon. I'm omw

  9. Why armor do you have on? Lol. There are a few signs down and I already have 1

  10. Sorry! Had a glitch and totally missed a heal.

  11. He's a tough fucker lol. We're getting better each time I feel, my sign is down again if you wanna give it another go.

  12. I didn’t, but let me try resetting my remedy.

  13. “I’m just thinking with my dick. My shit dumb!”

  14. I gotchu once I help this other person, if you still need it that is

  15. Thanks! We are just chilling waiting on assistance. 😀 Been playing for 150 hours and never “got gud”. 😭

  16. The player I'm currently trying to assist is a no show so far, ill hop into yours. I'm at the northern entrance

  17. It's certainly not a pie in the sky dream. Are there any technical schools near by that offer evening technical classes? Intro to welding or welding basics? It's hard to "learn by yourself" because if you don't know what you're doing then you don't know if it's right or wrong or safe or dangerous.

  18. Thanks for the input! I’ll check into technical schools in the area and see what I can find. I definitely don’t want to hurt myself or anyone else. So, that was my main concern!

  19. After 140 hours (I’m really slow and love to just explore…also not super great at the game…lol) I finally got the set I’ve been trying to get since just a few hours in. Lol. The Ronin Set!

  20. This will be something you guys will have to learn to work through and develop coping skills for. My wife, for example, is quite reserved during her work week and can be “short” with me. There is a “ramp up” and a “decompression” period before and after work that also happens where she tends not to be talkative and her demeanor changes quite a bit. We’ve been together for 6 years and married for 4. It’s been the same way the whole time we have been together.

  21. This comment seems pretty doom and gloom. Lol. I want to echo what someone said which is that it is okay to be upset with these things. And it’s okay to say you’re upset. You just have to understand it’s the nature of the work and communicate through it. So you both are okay and have your emotions validated. It’s not all on the LEO spouse or significant other to try to carry everyone’s emotional burdens.

  22. Devil’s advocate here…my wife was OVERLY cautious with eating food around me pre and post op. I had to tell her to chill out. The decisions I make (that she is supporting) shouldn’t impact her decisions as far as food goes. I don’t control what she eats and she doesn’t control what I eat. We are both adults that can and should make decisions for ourselves. Now, when she goes to the store she makes sure to get all the healthy options I need for my particular diet and her unhealthy stuff has its own drawer in the fridge and space in the pantry that I just go into. So that helps. But I think the issue here is less he’s being inconsiderate of your eating restrictions and more he’s a grown person that can call about his own pizza.

  23. I slept in our guest room with a body pillow on each side. It was so comfy I still do that in the regular bed now too. Lol.

  24. I’ve been there, girl! My boyfriend keeps in contact with me throughout his shift and that eases a lot of my anxiety. He’s had a couple of really rough calls and I really encourage him to go seek therapy, and that’s what I’m going to suggest for both of you. Maybe a combination of individual and couples just to ensure your lives stay healthy. Outside perspective, especially when your job is to focus on the mind, can see things differently and present useful solutions for you guys. My boyfriend has bad nightmares sometimes and I honestly just support him by making sure he knows I’m there to wake him up and rub his back to help calm him down in his sleep. Otherwise, finding good ways to decompress for both of you! If you guys have combined hobbies, engaging in those. I also give him lots of space and alone time to play video games with his friends to relax after a long week.

  25. Shit I got a connection error. This happened to me once before. I’ll try again but if it doesn’t work I probably can’t join

  26. Oh! Didn’t realize that was you in the fight with me!

  27. I waited until 30 minutes after eating as instructed, but yes.

  28. Cantaloupe is on my "forbidden fruit" list from the doctor. Maybe that's why.

  29. I still remember when a writer for the 100 told fans they'd be happy with the lesbian story and then one of them died the next ep.

  30. I stopped watching after that episode. I was enraged.

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