1. I’ve had great experiences at Aonair & reverie, axr, mathiassen, black cat, azur and Caldwell. This last trip I had Post Parade, which is a Thomas rivers brown wine and it blew me away.

  2. Ashes and Diamonds is a cult hit here. I love taking people to Castello Di Amorosa.

  3. Ashes and Diamonds sucked hard. Their wines were flabby and meh. It tries so hard to be cool. It will be out of business soon. Haven’t been that disappointed in a long time.

  4. Is $30 too much for a Riesling? It’s on the high side, yes. But it’s Napa, where everything is expensive. for me, it hit the right balance. If I were going on a tasting, I would much rather get this than some chard.

  5. This was one of my favourites last summer. A perfect pairing with shellfish.

  6. Do power couples with two VDP wineries count?

  7. I was just at axr yesterday and it was fantastic. Not only the wines, but the story of the property. It’s one of my favorite places in Napa to visit.

  8. Santa Julia is the entry-level label from the acclaimed Zuccardi wine group. It sells a lot in Argentina, cheap but usually good quality.

  9. How is it in a tinto de verano?

  10. Luckily I had some sprite leftover from last nights Super Bowl party. It’s… actually good. This would be awesome in the summertime.

  11. For California? It’s real estate. Napa land costs are outrageous. The only way to make it work is to plant and bottle Cabernet Sauvignon. Some cab franc is grown for blending. But not enough for mass bottling and sending to stores.

  12. Not true. I walk-in all the time. Wineries are generally thrilled to take your money.

  13. I’m on a Napa trip next week. We’re hitting 3/4 places a day for 4 days. Every single one required a reservation. Napa has changed a lot.

  14. He's going to miss that $51k when he's retired, mostly broke, and the league is fighting tooth and nail to deny his disability claim.

  15. Green signed a 4 year, $15,953,405 contract with the Houston Texans, including a $8,782,476 signing bonus. I’m not saying it’s impossible to blow through that. But I think he’s gonna be okay

  16. Just another reason why people think wine is an out of touch beverage, especially in restaurants!

  17. Plumpjack is like $150 right? So 3x. And screaming eagle is roughly 4x? This is….. actually normal.

  18. Props for having some good Napa cabs on the list. 3-4x is rough though, yeah. Open a bottle at home first, and by the time you get back after dinner, it will be ready and waiting for desert!

  19. Sutter Home, Woodbridge, Cavit, 19 Crimes, Cook’s Sparking, Korbel Sparkling, La Marca Prosecco, Turning Leaf.

  20. I would have immediately said Caterwaul (which is a Thomas Rivers Brown gem), but the price has now gone up. So, instead I’ll recommend Round Pond Kith & Kin. Frank Family cab is one of my favorites. Sequoia Grove is really good, too.

  21. That’s what you get for a wine from 2014. Decanted and still getting sediment in a glass. Cork broke, too

  22. For pizza, you’re on it with the Sicilian wine! Here is a suggestion for further research: try a Greek red if you can find it. Agioritiko is a great pizza wine.

  23. Where I bought the COS had some Greek wines. Only two if I recall, but that bottle shop is really small attached to an outdoor bar. Special little place. I'll venture back soon!

  24. I’m bullish on Greek wines. Mostly because of the cost-benefit-ratio. Assyrtiko is a great alt for a crisp, citrusy Loire white, which have exploded in price.

  25. Even at its most affordable, Ridge is a star. Eyes: medium. Nose: sweet cherries. Taste: round (thanks American oak + petit Syrah). Light leathery finish. Very well balanced. At $25, this is a steal. You could cellar it, but why?

  26. Dunn cabs should sit for a decade, if not two. What’s the wine version of infanticide?

  27. I just opened a 2014 Dunn Napa Valley this past weekend and yep - it was still completely primary at 9 years. Obviously good, but everything I personally really want from a Dunn was years away from showing up.

  28. I have zero patience and suck at cellaring. I have two 2018 Dunns tho, just like that. One I’m saving for when my daughter turns 13. The other for when she turns 18. It’s a test of my resolve.

  29. Second shelf from the bottom. Storybook Mountain for $44 is fun. They’re a high quality Napa winery. Very nice people. Tastings there are under giant oak trees. It’s blurry. But if that’s the Mayacamas Zin, the price point is right on the money.

  30. Vajra Albe is produced in a more approachable style, that does need cellaring. That being said Nebbiolo and Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre have different flavor profiles. So I’m not sure if the original poster was looking for people to give there preference on those flavor profiles.

  31. They were/are very different. I just through it would be fun to try different wines/styles/processes from two regions that are geographically close.

  32. I don’t know if there is a winner, per se. I just thought it would be fun to try two different wines that are so close geographically. Had the Barolo with food (lasagna bolognese) and it was great. Had the CDP as “desert” and it was great. Both fit the bill

  33. Birkenstock Arizona for $57. If you in Texas, where it was 80degrees this weekend, then this is a great deal. Elsewhere? Maybe not so much.

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