1. I think vaporizer has a really big vape taste and that all the weed taste the same out of it so to each there own.

  2. I'm used to paying 130-170 a half Oz or 230-300 a Oz for 20% with like 1-2% max terps so lots of flower probably gonna be better than what I'm use to especially price wise.

  3. Does it mean 1.25 per gram of actual weight. If so it would be 101.35 so It would be lot closer to the 101.5 that it says on the package.

  4. Any recommend way to figure out what isn't a waste of money I'm not looking for the best of the best just stuff that is good for the price.

  5. No dispensary in Michigan that operates legally will let you in if you are under 21

  6. Ok then what if I have someone who is 21 any recommendations on where they could go?

  7. Sometimes, it's cheaper to buy 1/10's to make your zip -- you'll also get more variety this way if that's your thing. Bulk deals are all over the place and more often than not, you're not saving much, or they're discounted for being budlets/smalls/popcorn/etc vs flower in the 1/10 jars.

  8. Ok so don't buy bulk of a single strain I was just saying was seeing Ounces from Buckeye Relief and klutch for 170-200 range that why I thought I may buy it.

  9. My favorite companies are Buckeye Relief and Klutch but I'm open to any other recommendations.

  10. Looks really beautiful kind of has a glossy look to it. Buds are nice and fresh not dry at all really fluffy.

  11. I voted for 92 cookies because I've tried and liked it but I haven't tried the other two so I don't have a comparison. I found it was fantastic with pain.

  12. I've been trying to try more sativas recently because I've always stuck to hybrids. Would you still recommend?

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