1. The best they ever made were the tight stuff tights. Maybe mercari or posh? They still make the tightest stuff tights in Australia, but not here. I have a friend there that I buy them through. Only thing I can run long distance in and my hips don’t ache afterwards 🙌

  2. We were both designated drivers at a party. He was a sophomore in the corps, I was a freshman w no clue about traditions, etc at A&M. He told me allllll about A&M all night. He left to take home half his buddies and returned to get the other half and I was gone. Thankfully his buddy got my roommates number. We double dated for months, then they quit seeing each other. Crap, do we still go out? Over Christmas break he wrote me the sweetest letters from out of state. When we got back to school we were and official item. Both engineering majors. Married in May of my senior year, his 5th year. He graduated in august and I graduated in December 1997! We old. He served in the US Air Force 10 years, was a great time in our lives. 3 beautiful kids and 2 of them current Aggies. We are so thankful for A&M and what it has added to our lives. Whoop!

  3. Just checked and they did this to me - but they didn’t even sub it for the mystery items, there was just no category 3 selection. I spoke to them on chat and they said they’ll get it amended and a pair sent out…

  4. I use that shadow stick everyday for the office, it’s quick and barely there which I like. I sharpen it often so it’s softer

  5. A Christian group that supports women in Africa and around the world offers bracelet of the month, earring of the month boxes or their original box. They support maternity homes and women around the world make the products for a living wage.

  6. I know I am in the minority but I am happy w my sub and love the sales! I’m a year in and will be renewing 😅 I look forward to it and luckily haven’t had any shipping or billing issues 🙌

  7. Old Color: black grape, was very dark and rich! I still have some winter pieces and can’t wait to wear them soon. Quality used to be so high!! Others: Poolside, blue Nile, red merlot, dark carbon

  8. Spongelle, winky lux lip oil, lip butter, but most of all: Christophe Robin hair mask, omg has made my hair so thick and strong!! I use 1x a week and my hair almost stretches and doesn’t break anymore! And I love my farmacy face moisturizer. FFF has been great to me!

  9. My son was top 12%, 1250 SAT, engineering design classes, leadership, dual credits and AP, etc. He was offered TAMU Galveston, he will be there 2-3 semesters and can transfer to College Station. He was very disappointed at first. It’s smaller, he will get more attention in the weed-out classes and hopefully make good grades and transfer. Lots in his boat, they are trying to graduate 25k engineers by 2025. I think it’s a good option, best wishes with your application !

  10. I have the eye shadow stick and I really like it!

  11. Same! I just put a little on each morning, brightens my middle-age eyes up a bit! I’m almost 48. Gulp.

  12. Amazon has ruined our perception of time of delivery for many things. I owned a monogramming shop and I had to turn away several company orders that wanted 2 day service for things like golf tournaments, picnics, etc and their lack of planning didn’t allow me to source the shirts and embroider their logo on in 2 days!

  13. Did it for 18yr, got burned out and got my masters and returned to corporate. Most think I am crazy but it was great owning my own biz while raising kids and I have always wanted to back to corporate when they were older. They are older!

  14. I’d love a moisturizer if anybody is dropping, I refresh and it’s there, add and it’s out of stock that quick.

  15. I don’t think they are for comfort or for wearing all day. I dropped mine as I don’t see me using them regularly.

  16. We got a $55k quote and decided by the time it pays itself back, we’d be dead and certainly won’t live here. We have a backup full home generator, much better investment in my opinion. Runs on nat gas

  17. I’d prob just do 1 surprise bundle ;) I did one last sale and it was pretty good Turkish towel, mascara, Kate spade insulated mug w lid and one more thing I can’t remember of makeup I posted it as a spoiler

  18. I love those towels. I have 5 or 6 of them that I've bought from FFF sales. Just beware that if you put it in the dryer it will shrink quite a bit.

  19. It was my first time to do a mystery bundle and I like it, don’t love it! I prob won’t order another.

  20. 100% try WHATABURGER if you haven’t had it before. It’s Texan and the best burger for fast food. Good chicken too and their fries are good.

  21. Don’t forget to write your thank you note before Nov, my daughter got similar and we didn’t know this and she didn’t get the $750 spring amount, just fall.

  22. My aid offer looks the same. How should I go about writing this thank you note and who should I send it to you? Thanks in advance !

  23. They will let you know via email (fin aid office) In sept/Oct and it’s due mid Nov. If you haven’t heard by Oct, get in touch w fin aid

  24. How do they compare to the tight stuff tight that they discontinued in USA?

  25. I have just about every color tight stuff tights and have ordered from Australia several high rise tightest stuff that were only USA for a short time. They support my hips so much, I can tell if I wear something else

  26. How do you order from Australia ? 😭 I really want to get more pairs! They are my fave running tight

  27. Your toes are near the end, I don’t think you can size down. Are they too loose across the top band?

  28. I’m very happy w mine! Almost bought a Revlon one at Costco a few months back. Happy with the $10 add on, it’s very large and does a great job on my fine(not thick) hair. I use heat protectant and have been very happy w the results. It’s better than I thought it would be and bigger too.

  29. With every store in America trying to find workers, she should get a new job.

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