1. Wait, why did it take me a little too long to tell who was who on that last picture lmao 🤣 also keem dressing like he still that young 💅 it literally looks like she can be his daughter

  2. He also loved to make fun of drug addiction when Cams dad suffered from addiction. And Ethan used to be a drug addict himself. He also recently asked the girls on the show if they wanted to eat the bull penis that liver king brought. Classy....

  3. My body was cringing so hard when he was asking the female staff that, surprised people on the h3 sub ignored it for the most part.

  4. To be honest they probably tried to mention it but their mods delete anything who calls out Ethan for acting creepy. Multiple threads were deleted or hidden calling out Ethan for being creepy in the metaverse when he simulated virtual molestation in front of children who could clearly be heard. Ethan told them they could watch.

  5. Definitely sounding more cultish over there, I remember a while back there used to be good criticism there, hell the sub hated Ethan for the most part lol Now you’d be hard pressed to find anything negative, unless of course it’s about one of the dozens “enemies of the show”.

  6. I still watch and enjoy certain segments in the podcast but I’m definitely not as big as a fan as I was during or before frenemies. Felt like Trisha handled the situation a million times better and continues too. And no Trisha didn’t accuse him of SA if you actually watched that video, and while I was a fan of both before the split I was more of an h3 fan.

  7. It's all well and good having an increase of 100% but she is literally increasing from videos that average more of 60k views. The percentage would ofc be higher. Also we should be honest, once the baby content gets old can trisha keep up those views?

  8. She's doing great tbh. Hope for her continued success

  9. Like I do agree that comparing the sub loss and view growth can be funny but I think it’s a direct response to the many h3 fans that say she has fallen off when she has 4 channels, huge on TikTok, etc. like I would guess she’s more recognized, and her profit margins gotta be good with no staff, editors, etc. just two massively different creators

  10. I mean, it could be inspired but I wouldn’t lump it in the stolen designs. I do like that people are keeping tabs on TF given their past though. The supreme one looks more watercolors, while the TF one says it’s watercolor, it’s not giving it.

  11. Considering the reaction of when Trish went on his podcast, not surprised. That being said Adam is so unbearable it would make sense to like keem.

  12. It’s crazy how she was obviously mentally ill (and on drugs by her own admission) and has apologized so many times but people continue to hold this against her. Idk if these people never had to deal with family or friends with an addiction but shit happens, at least she owned up and apologized several times over. A lot of people never get help and never see the wrongs and it’s sad.

  13. This sub was such a needed breath of fresh air after how toxic the F2 sub (now TL) had become. This gives me hope for the planet, thanks for not being crazy, love you all. 💅 slay

  14. Idk anything about dental but looks good to me? Did they ever say in the comments what they are reaching or nitpicking about? I guarantee these people probably look like trash irl and just wanna feel better about themselves, that’s my theory

  15. I love Trisha but it is a little weird to me lmao. You know what I do when I don’t like something tho.. I don’t watch it 💀💀 TL is really taking this like she’s some pedo or something tho and idk I think that’s extreme.

  16. It’s weird but I kinda like that, kinda iconic. I also go back to her alien abduction asmr and it always makes me laugh 😂 certainly not worth any outrage though imo

  17. I've not had a full page ad in the last couple of weeks that I've been using it, just small ones at the top

  18. Yeah I’m on day 3 still no pop up add, if they reverse the barcode thing maybe I’ll stay

  19. This just reminds me of back in the day when he called Ian stupid, then of course after backlash he apologized. Doesn’t really help they are basically making HR into a joke. I’m waiting for the day eventually when a crew member leaves and spills some tea because we all knows it’s coming.

  20. What about Ethan’s old assistant that up and quit after the subreddit harassed her on her socials.

  21. Damn I literally forgot that even happened, I wasn’t watching during that time but I remember hearing about it.

  22. After They implied that the missing twin is basically Trisha’s fault, and EK’s own mom trying to pin a possible miscarriage on TP, I would stay the fuck away from them. On the other hand I don’t remember Trisha doing anything that sinister towards them.

  23. I posted this before but after testing multiple apps to replace MFP I found MyNetDiary to be the best replacement for me

  24. Can you set all your daily calorie “goals/targets” to zero like on MFP (free)?

  25. Btw a queen joke and mukbang joke, okay but then you gloat about getting blocked and imply they’re the unhappy ones even though you been dragging her name? And then asking god to save the baby, Adam, we already knew this but you’re a PoS.

  26. Responding late but why not as I feel it can help people looking, try out MyNetDiary. No ads for free users, can backlog weight, has customizable dashboard. It was my personal favorite out of the 10+ calorie trackers I trialed after MFP started their full page ads.

  27. For anyone lurking rn trying to find really good MFP alts, I second this one. I've tried at least 10 apps but this one was my winner, you can backlog all ur weights, log in future meals (free), literally no ads for the free other than a small premium button on top, my only gripe is I can't change my calorie or macro goals without premium but I know my targets so... not a huge deal lol I think imma stick with MND unless I find an even better contender.

  28. I honestly thought he might leave the scene and go for apex fully. But the wording of his command on twitch made me think he might stay. idk where he could go for the rest of the season though... possibly eU? Just happy that we didn't lose 2 legends in the scene at the same time lol I hope Ola seriously reconsiders too and comes back.

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