1. Upvoted for the Zatch Bell reference. This is based off of Belgium EO’s partner, right?

  2. I've never heard of tea doing that before

  3. I always love to see the girls get embarrassed when MC is hanging out with them ❤️

  4. So they’re all blown up now? Lol

  5. Isn't Russia also using some of those T-90S

  6. Most tanks used by Russia in Ukraine are the T72B3, T72B, and T80BV. Not so many T80BVM or T90M

  7. A better question would be, where did they find Slovenia.

  8. Ah sorry to hear that. Never really had anger issues (I guess that's why we're being called femboys). And yeah sad music is actually a huge vibe as well.

  9. y'all know how burnt human flesh smells like? or how it smells like when a part of you falls off rotten and dead while you can feel it decaying?

  10. Getting PTSD about the scenes in DDLC where Sayori had to go to the bathroom. It's a good thing nothing worse happened to her

  11. what with so many text boxes around? is she being duped or sth

  12. With text bots it's not like they are not being banned, they just appear quickly

  13. ight- what’s the difference between mc and player? 💀

  14. MC is her childhood friend that looks hot and player is some random dude that probably a weeb

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