1. I mean you got another mid term, goal of engineering is to pass pretty much specially first year. You got CEN to boost your average for first semester. You can’t really just drop all your first semester courses just because you did bad on a mid term unless you know you won’t pass the course

  2. i feel like i’m in the verge of failing all my classes except cen (obv). is the a minimum number of courses i need to maintain? i really don’t mind being a year behind then everyone else but is it better to drop the course and then redo it or fail the course then redo it?

  3. be careful with physics bc u need to get atleast a 50% on the theory comment alone in the class. meaning everything but the labs (which usually boost ur marks)

  4. You can go to George Vari anytime, it’s technically open 24 hours. Last year I’ve studied there past-midnight a few times, it was extremely quiet and weird but there was a security guard in the building who looked at me for a few seconds and didn’t say anything

  5. Why are u gonna commute how long will it be

  6. All the Ryerson official residences are WAYYY better, I stayed in ILC and it was a 10/10 experience. If your family can afford HOEM on Jarvis, go for it. But it’s EXTREMELY overpriced compared to everything else. HOEM on Jarvis isn’t going to fill up either, the building is typically half empty. You can get a spot in September if you wanted.

  7. i’m currently on the waitlist for hoem. they said every bed is full for sept 2022

  8. I put legit references and ECs. Should I email my references to let them know about it? Just incase they forgot my existence?

  9. I assume people will be lining up at 6AM? Perhaps earlier?

  10. I did at one point it was fine for a couple months but as of yesterday it went back to the "direct messages" I genuinely don't know what happened again 😭

  11. No ring camera records when not being viewed or no motion is detected. There are other brands out here that offer this (never used them so I cannot recommend any).

  12. i am okay if it doesn’t record 24/7. which model of ring should i buy if i want the feature that records when there is motion? i need it to be wired.

  13. None record with no motion. The pro models have the pre roll feature that captures the event that triggered the motion alert etc.

  14. definitely do it this year if u have the option and if u mess up, you can always take it again during one of your spares. Try not to tho since yk, repeats are taken into account especially for harder programs like eng, comp sci, etc

  15. i did advanced functions in grade eleven and i rlly liked doing it then. depending on your program in uni as well, you can retake adv functions if you don't like your grade this way bc you have extra time. and a bunch of unis sent me super early admission bc i had so many grade 12 courses finished by the time i sent in my apps

  16. i’m currently gr11 and didn’t do well as i hoped to in advanced, should i retake it? would there be any consequences?

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