1. It might sound weird but I’m really glad my nipples look the way they do >w<

  2. We really need to stop posting these memes. they are great, dont get me wrong. However, the artist gets alot of hate because of them, it obviously bothers them. I would rather give up some memes than make someone bullied online because some of us dont know when to stop.

  3. Who is the artist? I really like these memes and I don’t know how to find more :(

  4. The cops ended up pepper spraying some of the crowd and not the scumbags walking the street being protected by them.

  5. Well, that’s just fucked up. As if I didn’t need anymore reason to disrespect their line of work.

  6. I fucking hate this sub. I’ve muted this trash and it still shows up. Fuck off

  7. What makes you think I’m subbed? If I muted it why on earth would I be subbed?

  8. Any day of these week! Natural will always reign supreme

  9. “If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hotdogs” A saying I continue to live by

  10. Greetings Reddit users, have you ever felt unhappy in your own body, enjoyed playing as female characters in video games and "wished you were a girl"

  11. Me personally when I found out that I could mute subreddits I went out of my way and it helped

  12. Thank you for this information, time to spend the next 1-2 hours muting subreddits :D

  13. Wouldn’t be too hard to fix, just cut out the broken plaster and do a patch job with some new plaster, then all it needs is a fresh coat of paint. Don’t let a breakup get you down, remodel to forget her stupid ass :D

  14. I absolutely love it!! You did an absolutely awesome job!!

  15. It's a walmart house brand. Probably not very good but hard to argue with free. Worst case you can pop the driver out and install another one into the box

  16. You’ve managed to find more info on it than me already lol, any chance you’d be able to direct me to a store page for the brand? If so that’d be amazing :D

  17. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any specifications or spec sheet for that product in particular. The way I found out was by doing a Google image search for the name of the company and then looking around for a picture that looked with the same logo and then traced it back to Walmart from there.

  18. Alright so looks like I’m gonna have to scour the Walmart archives for something that’s relatively similar and just hope for the best from there. Thank you very much for trying :D

  19. Idk, I vape cause it tastes nicer than ciggies, and I guess it helps with the anxiety

  20. I am sad because my stupid Apple ID is locked. So I can’t get it before it’s gone :((

  21. Why would I wanna be jacked that hard? I’ll resub to pyrolive if I get to be a cute femboy

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