1. There isn't a need to tell people everything you are thinking. What are some examples of you getting offended?

  2. One time my bf cheated on me and i called my best friend crying telling her everything that happened her response: can i call u later im busy

  3. TURN IT OFF NOW!! Do not plug it in for at least 3 days or turn it on or use it. It will kill it.

  4. i didnt drop water on the keyboard tho i only dropped it on the screen which got inside the display so it’s not that bad but i fear that it will stay like this forever 😭😭😭

  5. Oh good. Yeah it’s gonna be there for a long time buddy 😭

  6. My female best friend of 12 years has never once chose a dude over me, despite jealousy from all her boyfriends and even outright demands that she stop speaking to me by some.

  7. At 56 and living on the other side of the world I heard from a friend back home who did some plumbing work for my mum. She told him to say hi to her baby boy. I felt really embarrassed at the time. Now she is gone and I wish she was still here to call me that. It can sure be embarrassing but don't take it to heart, you only get 1 mom.

  8. as an aged person, I can relate to this. most of the times, its all about the truth talk thats too early for you to understand such as debt, loaning or even serious topic such an adoptions and all, and its better to tell you off with something that you love and in this case, she told u off to play. age doesnt matter, its just she looks like she wants you out of the discussion room thats all. anyways thats just my opinion, sory for my bad english

  9. hey, i’m sorry about what’s going on

  10. i was asking cuz i went to ireland a while ago and asked my irish friend if he knows any luxurious restaurants in cork and he was like who uses the word luxurious 💀💀

  11. Do you have like a glass door on the shower or were you masturbating outside of it and that's why he saw you?

  12. and the fact that he was staring at my dick the whole time made me even more uncomfortable

  13. That could have maybe just been from the shock factor, also did you stop or just not see he was there? Has he walked in on you masturbating before or has he just seen you naked before? Either way I agree how unsettling that can feel being caught doing that.

  14. i didnt see he was there and nope he never walked in on me masturbating before but he did see me naked

  15. idk haha, tried it once and it tasted like shit and never tried again until now 😂😂

  16. Do you know how moist critical made a tier list of all water? I think its bs, water usually doesn't have a taste (obviously, unless its extremely toxic). I drink aquafina on a daily, it cant kill you even if its acidic. And he hates it. you CAN drink it. (idk where Ireland is, there's not a state in America called Ireland so my bad if u don't know what aquafina is). Here in America there is a whole state that is having problems with dirty tap water, i think its Michigan. you are safe to drink water if a scientist on the internet posted an article about the water in whatever state, country, or city u r in. is Ireland a country?

  17. Yes it’s a country haha and yes i do know what aquafina is lol (we have aquafina in Ireland)

  18. haha good one. I’ll try then. Well actually I can’t. Life is so confusing fuck

  19. I don't know what's going on, but there are too many coincidences and patterns just in and out of my conscious awareness to think that the way reality presents is all there is.

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