Evolution of Genshin

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  1. Ready for what? To graft onto something, sure, to plant, nowhere close, to eat once again nowhere close. Ready for what?!

  2. Was under the impression that you’re supposed to plant them but yeah I’ll let it grow thanks for the clarification

  3. Gotcha, someone told me you gotta remove them and plant them individually but yeah I’ll let it keep doing it’s thing

  4. That’s the entire point, I find it interesting to know what people imagine their afterlife as

  5. You already spent the first 13.8 billion years of the universe’s existence as something that did not exist. It may not make you feel better to think of it like that, but at least ground your fear in the reality that you’re well acquainted with being in a state of non-existence already.

  6. I feel like that just makes it worse. Not existing all over again… except this time you are never born. Just non-existent till the end of the time and beyond that, forever.

  7. or yknow... actually being able to see whats down there. Also hair can be annoying sometimes when going down on a girl, no one wants clumps of pubes in their mouth.

  8. Guys tend to be very visual, there's nothing sad about appreciating a good vagina

  9. Yes, but don’t try it. NyQuil contains acetaminophen which is very toxic at high doses. Try looking for a brand where DXM is the only active ingredient.

  10. There's also Polandball Hu Tao, Paimon, Heart Keqing, a small Guoba, maybe others I missed that weren't specifically targeted, probably because the vandals don't actually know anything about the game lol.

  11. It’s a near miss, we are in the crossfire, gather the troops and repair the damage

  12. Yesss I’m not the only one who thinks this. Paladin seriously makes his team feel unkillable. I don’t understand why they left paladin with so much shield but absolutely gutted gunlancer’s identity skill

  13. today i had a 1320 gun lancer that didn’t know what stagger skills were on one of my alt abyss raids lol

  14. To be fair you don’t really need to learn what stagger skills are when your whole kit staggers anyway

  15. Usually you end up too out of it to enjoy an event like a concert, dxm doesn’t really make for much of a good party drug. More of a chill and zone out type of thing, at least in my experience.

  16. Lol adding weed to any psych/deliriant/disso really takes the trip to a whole other dimension. The holy shit I’m dying thing is also pretty common when mixing weed or even just weed alone for some

  17. It will, but if your serious about Linux you would be better off using an AMD card. NVIDIA drivers are no where no as good as the open source AMD drivers, and tend to have issues when Linux receives updates.

  18. One of my profs told the class that the university told profs they are not allowed to record lectures anymore

  19. You can use Newton or Shakepay to buy crypto in Canada, but you’ll need to identify yourself and I’m not sure how that works for internationals.

  20. Can’t get covid if u already have covid eh hehehehehe

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