1. Ville ikke gjort det. Flydd til usa, og det er er mer en god nok plass på vanlige setter. Men hvis du har ekstra penger å spytte inn som du ikke vil angre å mishandle til den grad, så kjør på.

  2. Jeg hadde matboks av filmen. Var favoritt filmen min som liten. ☺

  3. I am scared, and sometimes, the face even of loved ones doesnt seem familiar. Its a bit disturbing. I dont like looking at faces, as it seems they are changing.

  4. I have a tibetan spaniel. Call her my tibetan heart. So i decided to dedicate a poem for her.

  5. Transference to objects or actions? sigmund freud talked about transference, and I have had the unfortunate experience of having my writing become a trigger for my trauma, making me dizzy and get panic/anxiety attacks when I write. I wonder a bit if there is any research material that I can look into or decent videos, or at least a term about this kind of transference I can try to research? Its been driving me insane that I cant write on my books and such due to this or even read my favoritt books. I dont feel transference between humans is of the same relevance to me. I hope someone can give me insight into this form of transference.

  6. As a child adults called me a porcelain doll... so its based on that. I think poems is working I havent gotten dizzy writing poems so far. ☺

  7. I have transfered my trauma into writing and reading, so I am fighting it like this I think. Gonna try the simple yet beautifull way to write which poems is, and post a little every day.

  8. I disagree! I think it's stunning. The washed life effect has a powerful presence throughout the piece. The colors are vibrant and each time I look at it I see a detail I had previously missed. It's soft and beautiful while also being stark and fierce. Please don't change a thing.

  9. I mainly just consider it a finished sketch phase. I usually go like this before I detail work more. I ended up thinking this is where I will end this one. Sometimes less is more maybe. Its why I consider it like chocolate. I dont have to go overboard to make it what it is sorta.

  10. "washed effect" a circular term referring to an image being clouded in a washed effect. Term is created by scout336 who possesses absolutely no formal learning in art having refused to take art 101 in college in order to get to the fun art classes. I still try to sound sort knowledgeable and accurate in my descriptions. I really do like your sketch a lot.

  11. I had a regression mentally that I am still trying to come back from. My then shrink said when I asked if it was a sign of autism instead of stpd, my shrink said there is many similarities between autism and stpd, which sorta made me go "aha, so thats why I get so well along with autistic fokes"

  12. I love crows. Seems like they recognize me, and act kind. As a child they brought me offerings and came to my window. ☺ I always shared food with them.

  13. A main road where you drive in 60 km a hour in a arch, where a intersecting road with max 30 km a hour into the road comes that has all nececary signs for them to stop. Including lights... the lights are being renovated or something so this particular day the traffic signs are the law to follow on road. Like paint on the road, multiple signs telling you that you have to give way for all traffic on that road, etc. Only thing missing is a police officer to make it more obvious.

  14. Why was the skunk driving a car and did he spray you when you honked at it? I want to go to this “place”

  15. The skunk though if he spray his shit everywhere, his entitlement would make him law above others. :p He tried to spray me, but I didnt give shite.

  16. They looked better before. How flat and strange they turned, its like they lost something.

  17. Mailman, I was always a bit sad I couldnt try to deliver mail and learn more backstory on characters 😆

  18. I just stumbled across this post from a search I did... Did you ever figure out what game this was?

  19. Froger looks most similar, but the game thing had rounded edges.

  20. Honestly I could do a sketch of it, but I dont know if I have nostalgia glasses to make it seem more awesome than it was 😅

  21. I found a song that express this feeling wonderfully. Marinas "to be human"

  22. I feel literally crazy when I flie airplanes i know it isnt bound in reality, but honestly... I am terrified to not be close a window and look outside. I imagine if I stop looking out, the whole plane will randomly crash. It was a bit of a issue that one time I had a 18 hour flight. No sleep. You know thoughts like these are insane, but you cant stop thinking, what if.

  23. I love the way you put it, and yeah, interestingly enough I have often had this problem where I am just sort of vamping ideas and then get myself in trouble with some unintended thing they take it to mean. So many thoughtful people with schizotypy traits could probably benefit from becoming aware of this sort of thing! I think you feeling this way about differences is one of the things that makes this all extra special and helpful, thank you! I am grateful that people like this are around.

  24. I noticed it already as a young child how I behaved differently. It was hard to try to fit in. Adults at the time didnt notice, but I sure did. I think I notice it when I was around 2 years old, maybe I was older. Its kinda hard to place dates back then. I tried so hard to wear a mask, and it really hurt for it wasnt me. People couldnt see me. Once I stopped wearing that mask it was liberating, and sure people judge me, but if I was gonna do suicide wearing a mask to fit in and still feel misplaced, I would rather be who I am even if others judge me for it. I think many people might experience it to some degree, but for us with schizotypical personality dissorder, it becomes more and more noticable as you become older. You sorta cant hide your different somehow. I think I am lucky in that I have never considered it a bad thing. We are lucky to have another perspective. Maybe its a gift. I dont know how it would be to be normal, but I would rather live as who I am. The worlds seems more magical when you look at the world with eyes like ours. Even the smallest grass can look like a beautifull star. ☺ I am glad I can see the single grass strand as something enchantingly beautifull, where others see only grass. I hope that makes sense.

  25. This reddit made me feel less judged for my differences.

  26. I live in norway, and due to janteloven, you get judged way to harshly for being different. Most people wouldnt know your different, and judge you harder for it, especially as a native. I felt way better any time I visited another county as a child. There isnt a pressure to look like a sheep, a cube, or whatever they dessire of humans. Being different makes you bullied, lonely, and scorned even as an adult. At times I cried, because people think I look healthy, and they threat me like trash because I am young. I didnt learn of my personality dissorder before 3 years ago. When I felt I could share a reason for my differences, people still judge me because I look normal. Its painfull that no one notice how hard it is to be so different despite looking normal.

  27. I foolishly installed the update when loging in again to build more on our base. It also made me lose items in any world I open after, and I spawn way of from my respawn bed. 😓 I am literally scared to log into my other worlds now.

  28. Ohh that's pretty shit. Maybe try to downgrade versions if possible

  29. I dont know if its possible. I am on nintendo switch. 🥺

  30. Finnmark = kjipt og lite å gjøre. Indre troms = greit, men en del slittsomt, er ofte store distanser og uten tog, er det basically sånn at du må lære deg å kjøre Narvik på 2-3 timer eller til tromsø om det er krise.

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