1. It's going to run like shit. But in that case I'll buy it on my series X

  2. LOL. Does that mean you also skipped MSQ? If so did you regret it or not? Also what's the type of gameplay you do that you enjoy and makes it endlessly playable?

  3. Job quests aren't 'side quests' unless you don't want a lot of your job skills.

  4. Dankjewel! Daar ga ik dan binnenkort maar ‘s heen

  5. Even inhaken hierop: Ik ga zelf al jaren naar Bersantaihair en zowel Fabrizio als Etienne zijn top kappers! Ze hebben allebei lang haar gehad een jaar geleden en ze luisteren naar wat je wilt en hoe ze het moeten knippen. Een echte aanrader ;)

  6. I rather regret not having kids, than having kids that I regret.

  7. I meant health on the left and prayer on the right

  8. Top left is FFXIV Right to that is ESO Left Middle is New World Right Middle is Guild Wars 2 Left bottom is Black Desert Online

  9. Yeah, I set mine at render 90 even with shadows but we just gotta deal with the square. :(

  10. Same! Does your game also freeze for like 1 milisecond before loading in the next big chunk (square)?

  11. No, but I increased my model caching. It's in the 117 settings toward the bottom. Try increasing yours as well.

  12. I mean most of these video's are counter builds to the meta that's going on lately.

  13. Erruption change spitball: Survivors are no longer incapacitated. Their repair speed is halved for 20 seconds. For the next minute, if a survivor stops working on a gen it begins to regress at normal speed. Eruption has no cooldown.

  14. I would do one or the other. Not both. This idea makes it so that you are punished when you keep repairing, but also punished when you let go. Making it even stronger in situations where you have to get off a gen.

  15. The reason it's both is because currently, if you get erupted it will regress as you can't touch it. So it's already a buff for survivor as you can keep going. For the killer to get the most out of it they need to come to you, which they won't always do. It has to be a take and give. Take away the incapacitated, give the self recession.

  16. I understand what you're saying. But I still think it's a problem, especially 'late' game. Killers nowadays often use the tactic to just tunnel someone out of the game and make it a 1 vs 3 as soon as possible. With the perk that you just described you'd basically have a ruin that goes on in 1 vs 3's and there was a reason they disabled that.

  17. Yeah, there's really a surprising amount of depth to PvM in this game. At first OSRS feels like a super simple game when it comes to combat - click an enemy, wait for it to die. Maybe eat some food if you need to. But the more you start to uncover the hidden mechanics of this game, the more you realise it's not a medieval cookie clicker, but an intricate 100bpm rhythm game disguised very well as a medieval cookie clicker.

  18. How does the 100BPM translate back into combat though, what do you need to do?

  19. So the game essentially processes actions in "ticks" - when you click to move to a tile, your action is processed on the next available tick (after ping). So if you're just clicking randomly, your character won't act in a predictable fashion for things like pathing, or you will lose ticks and therefore DPS. Because of this, the game comes down to having good rhythm, accuracy and speed with your clicks, as well as a good understanding of boss mechanics.

  20. That sounds cool! Is there a way to find out what the rhythm is and how to utilize it?

  21. Can't really blame you, Jagex are intentionally being misleading with how they show these numbers.

  22. Kind of sad actually. Why do you think about 100K more people flock to OSRS rather than RS3?

  23. Nostalgia, I play rs3, and i don't love it as much as pre mtx original runescape

  24. Okay perhaps a dumb question. But since there are about 200 servers and each server can hold 2K players. That would be 400K players tops that are able to play all at once right? That plus the fact that the OSRS website actually gives us a playercount (which in the evening is always about 100K) how come content creators and more people are always saying millions of people are still playing? That's literally not possible though is it?

  25. That means active accounts. People who have logged on in like the past week are considered active players iirc.

  26. Ah so a few million log in weekly but the concurrent playerbase is around 100K

  27. My current favorite (slightly inefficient but funny) build is the One-Way Mirror build: Open-Handed, Kindred, Dark Sense, and Distortion. I see you, you don't see me.

  28. Would you say Distortion helps you survive better?

  29. I don't know where that website gets the numbers from and I don't think there's an actual website that shows how accurate it is unless it comes from BHVR. In their recent post they showed us how often perks get used:

  30. Yeah oh well let's leave it at that, happy days for you! :)

  31. Yeah it's the most boring gameplay ever and I hate it.

  32. I don't know, the core of the game is that one side has to kill the others no matter what and the others have to survive no matter what.

  33. For those out of the loop you get a buff whenever you're within 500 yards of a glyph. They're pretty easy to find without looking them up.

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