1. Tbh trying to get over my gym crush , I continue to catch him looking at me every chance he gets, but that’s all he also has started positioning himself around me but just no communication, either he doesn’t like me or he’s too shy or he’s avoiding me idk just trying to get over him and I haven’t been able to :/

  2. This is tough I’m be real my orgasm is highly important but seeing him turned on and about to yk lol I love that and us orgasm together chef kiss 🤌🏼

  3. When a man tells you something like this believe them and don’t even waste your time , is games that you’re allowing him to play with you

  4. Na tbh leave him or check him you deserve to be praised like the mf queen that you are if he isn’t kissing your feet and loving you and showing you with atleast one gesture the day of your fuvkIng birthday that comes once a year you think he deserves u? We both know the answer him not doing shit? Yea actions speak louder tune words tbh

  5. When I’m happy I cry , when I’m sad I cry, when I laugh to much I cry, when I watch a tiktok I cry, when someone cries I cry, when I watch a sad movie I cry , when i read a book I cry , I cry for everything

  6. Through text is just like hey and it can really go from there or maybe send her a tiktok you guys relate too or Something funny , but if it’s in person just ask her a question that you know she would know how to Reply , like for example like if she’s in your art class or something so you ask her what art form she does idk lol

  7. Wait shit, this is actually good advice. Why haven't i heard of this before?

  8. I want to act like I act angry but I nervously smile and keep it pushing idk I rather them think I’m nice and shy so they can leave me alone then giving them an attitude Maybe getting into a situation I don’t want to be in, idk A lot of men don’t like rejection

  9. Is it weird I hope to see my crush asking about me lol it’s giving delusional but I love thinking he’s that into me 😅

  10. Maybe your pics aren’t as appealing , are they blurry , too dark ? Idk if I don’t like a ouc I just don’t like it even if it’s on a story tbh

  11. If I don’t like someone I’m not close to them or near them like that so I say shoot your shot because if she’s giving you iContact and she’s showing interest know what you’re saying she may be a little interested at least

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