1. This might sound weird, but do you have any seasonal allergies? This is the time of year where some common allergies start cropping up, and if there's been no obvious factors like diet change, stress, etc then my next guess would be something external like allergies. Instead of coughing and sneezing, it may be intensifying your acid reflux instead.

  2. Is that a thing? I do have seasonal allergies and take Zyrtec but didn't think it correlated with reflux?

  3. We are allowed to wear a regular just sports bra! Lots of people at my studio do but also lots don't. As long as people don't wear shorts we don't care

  4. Curious does your studio apply the "No Shorts" rule for guys too?

  5. We have a few male clients and they either wear sweats or shorts with long compression leggings under. Sometimes shorts in empower. drop in guys who come with their wife or something we don't really care, they usually shorts with compression shorts under.

  6. Any answers here? I just had the same thing happen! And skipped my period last month. Blood test negative for pregnancy. But scared lol

  7. Nope but it happened again this month I started spotting after the second week and I'm now doing my placebo week I'm kind of at a loss I don't know what else to do

  8. I gotta say though I'm lowkey jealous of how much open time she has to chill and hang out and grocery shopping and shit bc cannot relate 😂

  9. Pretty much what everyone else has said! I track on “barre” setting just to watch the time, mostly. I don’t feel like it’s a workout necessarily but if I’m teaching 2-3 classes in a row then I definitely break a sweat!

  10. Yesss I only teach 2 in a rows and it's usually packed evening classes so I'm my high rate is high and I break a sweat

  11. I definitely want to try and help them out and get them to stop talking and focus. However, my owner/lead teacher is the first person we are supposed to talk to with anything like this and it's like nothing any of us have ever experienced. It's not something she would be ok with me addressing though

  12. So you are not allowed to say anything to students beyond corrections? You are not allowed to announce at the beginning of class that there is no talking during class? If a student walked in without socks, you can’t say anything and you have to text the owner? If someone decides to sit down with a huge meatball sub in the middle of the studio, you can’t say anything, you just teach around the meal eating student?

  13. Well idk I mean those are more obvious things lol, this is just laughter and side conversation it would feel way weirder to say please stop laughing than like please keep your phone out of the studio, maybe just me

  14. I think she learned to keep it private because people keep mocking her boyfriend and his looks.

  15. It’s a filter lol. I went to the video bc I couldn’t believe she looked like this and it says on the video itself she’s using a filter! If u try that filter it drastically alters the way way your face looks. Not to say she hasn’t had work done but it’s a tiktok filter making her look so different

  16. For someone who got the michael jackson nose job, never expect normal.

  17. No bc I thought she was going to be creating her own pieces 💀🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. Genuinely think she just gained some weight and knows how to make them look big. Also- she's young and around 21/23 I feel like you fill out more

  19. She prides herself on how transparent on things she is idk what the point is of her not talking about it and her experience. Like even if people get mad and don't like that she's doing it it would be helpful to a lot of people to hear her experience and how it has been for her

  20. Anya marina doing music unless it changes for some reason.

  21. I’m nowhere near a Tinx apologist/defender BUT the snark page should really be for her actions not her body and it irks me that people went from making fun of her weight gain or puffy face to now shaming her for losing said weight (even if the method is also debatable). this isn’t about her specifically. it speaks to a larger issue for all us women. our bodies are constantly up for debate no matter if we have a public presence or not. a random person on the street is bound to judge our body for just existing, big or small or somewhere in the middle. i mean when is enough, enough? FFS.

  22. I definitely agree in some aspects!! I mean obviously I think she's pretty generally, and I just personally loved her before she wasn't super thin but was very body positive and admirable so I'm just sad to see her start heading away from that. But also I can't imagine being in the public I especially as a female when our bodies change so much all the time

  23. I agree with you. she actually stood out as someone who wasn’t super tiny before. now everyone is on the same waif trend 😞

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