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  1. Wow, awfully brazen of her to act like nothing bad could come of that. Based on your previous posts it seems like she probably did that with lots of kids during her tenure. Sounds like she got away with it too. Maybe you should consider confronting her about it, since she's rocking the boat by messaging you. Now you're the age she probably was (about) when she did those things. Perhaps you're mentally stronger and capable of telling her how her actions had lasting effects.

  2. Depending on your country, state, etc. there may be a statute of limitations on accusations like this. 30ish years is a really long time and you may not be able to press charges anymore. I'd consult a lawyer in your area, usually it's free and it'll give you a good idea of what you can do. However, it can be really stressful I've heard.

  3. I'm not sure if that's what people are calling ''blueballs'', but having a hard on for a while without ejaculating sometimes can cause me pretty intense perineal/prostate pain that can't even be dispelled by ejaculating.

  4. but incels aren’t speaking in good faith, there isn’t a comparison to the average women’s complaints about their overall experience with men compared to extremist groups like incels and their complaints about women. See the nuance there? In fact if Incels actually believed that not all women were a certain way or not even a large enough group to categorize women a specific way they wouldn’t be incels. Also, if a woman is speaking in bad faith, for example, the discord OP described that would make them a group not to engage with for the same reason as the group of incels I described.

  5. Why do you accuse me of being one type of extremist but then defending another type of extremist?

  6. No I am not defending any extremist, each time you say, “Women in a discord were not supportive of me, who is also a victim and survivor” I reply, that was unfair and wrong and those feminists are bad and not representative of women or other feminists at large. Just like how You, and other reasonable men don’t represent incels. But even reasonable men and women do things that harm others, so the reasonable thing is to recognize that and apologize.

  7. I straight up lose my sentence half way through it sometimes and its getting worse with age. It's a genuine effort to get back to what I was trying to say too. People at my work make fun of me a lot for it. Haha. (Crying)

  8. I forget things. Mid doing them. I stress this to my doctors. And therapist. They all say nothing is wrong. But I don't think it's normal.

  9. I get that too - although I'm not sure if it's anxiety related or my ADHD. (got diagnosed w ADHD 3 weeks ago, in the diagnostic report my psychiatrist wrote that I present with mild anxiety, not a formal diagnosis though.)

  10. My attacker used to do that. I think she tried the young boy attracted to a milf angle. I was not. I was too young first off.

  11. I wonder if sleep apnea is related to this. There's apparently a strong correlation between CPTSD and sleep apnea.

  12. Hang in there. I wish I had advice. You're on a different path than your sister. So there's no need to compare yourself.

  13. What the hell. That sounds like a terrible school. If you still experience panic attacks, this post might help:

  14. I didn't know that was a sub. I was bullied briefly in middle school. For some reason it sticks with me.

  15. I've heard the opposite from coed schools. That all boy schools are better for socialization. And grades.

  16. They tend to have better grades because they tend to be in older areas of a town meaning that they tend to be wealthier

  17. I feel the same way. The only reason I'm managing my current jobs (I have two part-time jobs) is because my bosses have totally checked out and have no expectations of me.

  18. Same here. New management doesn't know what I do. They just know they need me. I'm the only employee still around after the merger. Trying to keep this up as long as possible.

  19. My company was bought. I liked the old one. Not the new one. I'm one of the only originals still around.

  20. The op isn't saying it's not okay to not cry though.

  21. I understand should have listened at the start but he kept wanting to meet up. I’m fully blocked and he has apparently moved all the way from London to Leicester within a week?!? Everyone is telling me he’s just sorting himself out but I’m worried

  22. I am worried about him. We built a friendship before we started dating. This is very unlike him he has a very big heart and wouldn’t do something like this

  23. I hope everything works out for the two of you. I'm not sure what can you do in the meantime.

  24. Their single barrel rums are good. No sugar added. Just distillation. Aged. 5 years I think. And mixed. Even though it says single barrel. I think it's mixed. That's just how they advertise their legit stuff.

  25. Yes there's a lot of research. Changes in pressure don't affect joint pain or headaches.

  26. The history of “recovered memory” therapy is very problematic. You may recall the “Satanic sexual abuse” scandals of the 80s. Which culminated in the McMartin pre-school scandals and people having lives ruined and even being criminally charged.... All the result of “therapists” who were literally implanting these memories in their clients. Families were broken up, children estranged from parents, etc.

  27. Thank you. I don't have repressed memories. I have probably forgotten things. But that is different.

  28. One of my main triggers is barometric pressure. I don't have any problems with elevation changes but storm fronts drop me.

  29. I have read that barometric pressure has zero effect on migraines. Or joint pain. Like in controlled experiments.

  30. I understand, and I'm sorry for what happened to you.

  31. I'm not sure about repressed memories, but I've had experience with suppressed memories. Like CSA that was a core memory for years, then I lost it/forgot about it for years, and then remembered it again randomly.

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