1. I am very much uncomfortable with the premise of this post, comparing disabled folks who don’t have regular sexual partners (which is an axis of oppression - seeing visibly disabled people as functionally asexual or incapable of providing consent/desiring sex) and incels.

  2. I mean this is the same argument made on this subreddit about how Tucker Carlson was able to afford poverty wages while he was playing journalist and waiting for his career to take off but go off ig? You're being super hostile to me for no reason. You're allowed to be privileged in some ways and not in others. It's why intersectionality is so important.

  3. Did I finally unlock the secret to “fiscally conservative; socially liberal” - do you all think that all poor people are secretly living off of trust funds and inheritances and not actually poor?

  4. What? No. I'm not fiscally conservative nor would I label myself liberal. You're putting words into my mouth. You're also waving around your disabled trans status as if I am not also disabled and trans lmao. You've invented an entire argument because I said I couldn't afford to be a social worker. I cannot. I've had a social worker's salary before (albeit with better benefits) and even living with my parents I couldn't afford treatment. I was dying. I had to take on debt and have friends take chances on me to bail me out of my situation. Not everyone is so lucky and I acknowledge that. I've also acknowledged several times above that your job is more important than mine but you've just steamrolled on past that because you assume I somehow have class solidarity with a billionaire or even a fucking millionaire.

  5. You’re the idiot who decided I am living on the Swanson empire’s fortunes while being underpaid and on Medicaid so I would not go around accusing others of putting words out there.

  6. And WIC has less stringent rules for income than SNAP does so they should qualify no problem.

  7. You’re not getting ribeye steak every night with WIC. WIC has less stringent income requirements sure but it’s more limited in what you can purchase.

  8. Imagine thinking that men are as inherently predatory to women as foxes are to chickens.

  9. Some hobbies could easily be a side hustle. My wife is now a fantastic knitter after six months of learning it and she like sighs happily when she starts knitting. But she doesn’t plan to sell any stuff.

  10. I have been successful with acute minor problems at Urgent Care: impacted ear wax, getting a doctor’s note for work saying I had laryngitis, treatment of a minor burn.

  11. First of all, I want you to know you are not bizarre or anything else for this line of thinking, no matter what other posters have said.

  12. This would be considered “multiple relationships” (seeing her as a personal therapist and now seeing you both as a couple’s therapist) and is considered unethical.

  13. A therapist who treats a couple in couple’s therapy cannot ethical counsel them individual as a therapist.

  14. I'm glad someone else finally agrees with me on that. Thank you.

  15. I think you’re getting blowback because even those of us who are conventionally attractive (which I like to think I am) have encountered men who treat us like shit because we don’t meet their exacting physical standards - you skipped leg day or you lost five pound when you had the flu or shaved for your mom’s wedding or dared to be older than 30.

  16. I don’t agree with “if you don’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else” mindset but I do think that if you loathe yourself, you will never be comfortable with anyone else loving you.

  17. Could you join a club, a meet up group, an online book club that sometimes meets in person, a yoga studio, or something else with a focus?

  18. I do want to but I'd love to find somewhere that's either for people on the spectrum or people who are in recovery from mental illness.

  19. I have PTSD & multiple neurological conditions and they definitely create a feedback loop that is decidedly unpleasant.

  20. As someone who similarly loves eating lots of different things, has a small appetite and HATES wasting food, I have one word for you: Tapas. Lots of small cheap plates with plenty of things to try.

  21. I would agree with you but not every city has even a single decent tapas bar so this may not be even viable for OP’s monthly date night.

  22. I am going to ask again because you did not answer: what do you mean by “it’s how non-cis male identities are usually the only ones taken into perspective?”

  23. What do you mean by “how non-cis male identities are usually the only ones taken into perspective?”

  24. You literally rejected the core tenant of your Christian denomination because you’re upset they think dogs can’t go to heaven. And you’re mad at me for telling you you don’t align with their doctrine?

  25. Did you learn your catechism from the back of a Cracker Jack box? Because I am afraid to tell you, that isn’t where you learn catechism.

  26. I did not actually presume you were Catholic in my comment. I can read, fun fact. I laugh at the sources you provide because of the modern idea that subscribing to a belief system means drawing a couple favorite ideas out of a hat, then getting mad at people who don’t trust the core doctrine of their religion because how dare you assume I actually believe the stuff my book says I am supposed to.

  27. Ah. Just raving and carrying on then with no good sense.

  28. Without structural support (ie handling loss of wages, boycott of industries with striking workers, organized legal support against employer backlash etc) I cannot see any modern strike, being organized online in non-hierarchical and unsystemic ways with a grounding in real world resources and organizing, working for workers in America where the vast majority of us are at-will employees with no protections, working paycheck-to-paycheck, with our health insurance tied to our employer, actually working at a large scale.

  29. Do you want to be the man who says, “I suffered so now I want you to suffer like I did” or do you want to be the man who says, “I suffered so I want to make sure you don’t need to endure what I did?”

  30. I want to be the man who knows I didn't miss out on anything. If everyone has their own problems maybe I didn't, but the reality is even the poorest man who isn't circumcised has an Infinitely, unthinkably better life than the richest man who is. It's a significantly bigger divide than anything else that has appeared in human history.

  31. So I am saying this as a trans man: if you can only feel arousal by imagining yourself as a woman, this may be an issue separate from the trauma you experienced through involuntary circumcision.

  32. If this was your general practitioner, I am not surprised as this sounds like an issue where you need a bit of a specialist.

  33. 😬 yeah this a psychiatrist. I see a psychologist and psychiatrist, haven't gone to a GP in years tbh. She is specialized in PTSD and panic disorders, along with abusive trauma.

  34. Then I would suggest either being emphatic that this is maladaptive and causing you harm or try to address it with your psychologist, if your psychiatrist is focused only on your meds.

  35. Insisting that I have control over things over which I have no power (chronic illness, layoffs) sounds like madness.

  36. Someone at my dog park has a super, super white German shepherd. They told me that they wash their dog with purple shampoo, like women with bleached blonde hair. They SAID it was a dog safe product, but they made some other questionable choices in the 20 minutes I talked to them. So I decided to take everything they said with a grain of salt.

  37. They sell purple shampoo designed especially for white dogs.

  38. It's a multipart solution. It's going to cost money. Everything does.

  39. Ah yes, let’s force laws on public disorder and make sure that both being homeless in public and mentally I’ll in public are crimes - they cannot tarnish our sacred public spaces if we store them in for-profit prisons and rent them out as labor where their wages are paid to the prison bosses.

  40. We should also let shambolic distressed men stumble around subway platforms muttering about how they're going to shove people onto the tracks before, one fine day, they follow through and do it. You know, because it's their right, and who are we to label them as mentally ill?

  41. There is a world of options between “take no intervention when someone’s mental illness puts themselves or other members of society at potential risk” and “lock them up.”

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