1. i know iphone's "dramatic" filter when i see it ;)

  2. Spoken like a true snob. Women love them. Have fun spending $400 on a niche frag and still not getting laid...

  3. ah yes because women are mindless bags of flesh who will instantly fuck you because you're wearing some middle eastern piss water.

  4. the more i see the track 3s the more I want them

  5. she needs to lay off the cheeseburgers for a while

  6. guess i'll be keeping my 14pm till they bring back flat edges. absolutely loathe the rounded edges

  7. true to size!!! i wear a size 42 in triple s and og speed trainers, but defenders, tracks and runners are all 43 and fit perfect. my true size is 43 for nike and adidas

  8. I'd assume he's got a bottle of it and about 9 strangers have stopped him and asked him what he was wearing every time he's sprayed it, not including the half dozen that stopped him to comment on how shredded he is or to comment on his ability to match his hat to his shirt, no wonder the man gets annoyed with people commenting, it's a wonder he gets anything done

  9. i wouldn't get dunks on stockx (or in general lol) but balenciagas are safe

  10. that's why i ordered the runners in multicolor 🫡

  11. No where near as fire as yours but i’m happy with mine at the moment

  12. you've got some good choices there. love those runners in black, such a standout piece

  13. Dope collection as well, you got all the best colors for each shoe imo 👍

  14. yeah accounting for tax that's $400 under retail

  15. different strokes, i think they're the worst of the trilogy

  16. no way they're gonna cost more than the defenders 😫

  17. StockX just removed the 100% authentic tag fyi. I’m sure you’re good but there’s been talk of fakes from there lately

  18. i think they changed the name of the authentication process, but they still verify them

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