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  1. You should compare (if you want to compare) against positive role models or expectations of what you want to become. Don’t compare to other because someone else told you that’s a role model or to please other people

  2. Also ask yourself why you want to become something. Often the reason tends to be parents' expectations, but you think that's what you want.

  3. Does “do you wanna eat some pussy?” Count?

  4. Sure, as long as "do you want to suck some cock?" counts if the man asks her for it.

  5. If OP is like me, he gets tired of being the first to call all the time.

  6. Exactly. And it's not like I get offended because they can't make it every time, it's when I ask several times, they say "can't right now but another time" and they never get back to me. Makes you feel like an accessory that they pick up whenever they're bored. A last resort.

  7. I have described what you say at the end as being a "spare part" in others' lives.

  8. How do you like the Virtus' accuracy? It seems like it would be fun but I've read in reviews that it's really not a target gun and mostly for plinking. I'd be ok with good accuracy at 20-25 yards but if it's like bb guns I don't wanna waste my money.

  9. I often avoid making friends with girls who are super attractive, as I know whenever I will go out with them they will always be the focus of attention. It’s happened so much, nobody even wants to talk to me in bars, clubs, anywhere when I’m around someone that pretty. Girls complement them when they’re standing right next to me and don’t even bat an eye in my direction. And they have never notice it at all, even when I mention it to them they just say “Whatt no you are so pretty” or whatnot and then move on. And in my experience they are often self absorbed and narcissistic in some way.

  10. I hear that. In retrospect my world view has been majorly skewed by growing up with an attractive best friend. I used to think I was "worth" the same as others. Clear as day now that's not true.

  11. I've gone through a similar thing, especially the death part. If you're the type who likes to think and ponder, my suggestion would be to continue to think about it, try to find different angles and read books or watch videos on the subject. Really immerse yourself in it, UNLESS it makes you feel a lot worse, then ease up and distract yourself for a while. But the point still stands that if you run away from it you'll probably have to face it again in the future. So facing it now will give you lots more years to enjoy when it's done, instead of avoiding it now and facing it in 10 years, let's say. Immersing yourself in the subject, you will probably either get bored of thinking about it all the time, or you'll find new ways to cope with it and eventually accept it.

  12. It's a shit "game". I wasn't disappointed in for instance Assetto Corsa because I wasn't expecting a fun campaign, I was just interested in good driving physics, good graphics and mainly the Nordschleife. I bought GT7 for the campaign experience that doesn't exist in most other driving games with decent driving physics.

  13. Shot with a Canon R5 with a RF 70-200mm f/2.8L lens. ISO 800, 70mm, F2,8, 1/80sec.

  14. Great shot, and remarkable sharpness. Nice job! I might crop it a little from the top (I'd take off almost half of the black area above the head), but otherwise the only way I think you could improve it is by taking it in the wild :P

  15. Everything you're going to be shooting at within 100yds is going to be blurry. You need something paralaxes down to at least 25yds but 10 would be best

  16. Hawke makes scopes tailored for air rifles, it's called the Airmax they're good scopes

  17. Looks like the lols and lmaos of youths in the future

  18. For 4 million, it should include a girl named something like Vulvaluv Breastsovich.

  19. Damn, really like that look of the Walther, I saw a cheap one for sale recently but didn't pull the trigger. Maybe next time.

  20. I mean, it's not that blatant, but even most good friendships, like decades long, tend to be that now. No one calls or messages just to earnestly ask how I am or want to see me, it's either because their relationship failed or their girlfriend/wife is out of town, or they want to tell me about how great their lives are. Or they have problems and I'm the only one who'll listen. Whatever it is, it tends to be something they need from me, no one comes to me to give me something. Not that I'm expecting that, but I feel like I invested a lot in my friendships over the years, but no one remembers that, they just remember that I listen to them, for instance. I'm the resource to come back to when you're all out.

  21. I know you're hurting, but the friendships you're talking about exist. Don't settle for this when you could have so much more.

  22. Love the colors in the third one (the before version)! It's got a cinematic feel although I hate the overuse of that term :P. Maybe crop out the rocks on the right edge, and edit out the antennas on the left? Maybe even the fish trap on the beach?

  23. I spotted a bird when I saw it flying across the sky. This should explain to you why I'm now presenting a picture of it.

  24. Catalunya is probably my least favorite track anywhere. It has almost no fun corners at all. The last chicane is ok but I avoid this track every time I can.

  25. It means that there are no black pixels in the image. The dark portions of the photo have been crushed to the point where objectively speaking they are grey. Let me demonstrate how I would fix this.

  26. First sector was one of the hardest (but there are more) of this Experience. But after I needed 3 evenings to get Gold for the whole track I guess I learned to master it quiet good.

  27. Yeah, I remember the classic saying that there's no 2nd gear on the Nürburgring :) although obviously there are a few exceptions.

  28. Run it with TCS 1 on. If you are still trying to drive as you would with it off, you can beat it. Or just do the full lap first until you gold it then go back and do the sectors while the track is fresh in your mind and you’ve got the groove.

  29. Yeah, I've been using tcs1 from the start, my problem seems to be partly that the BMW is such a boat you need to turn in way before you normally would with a more grippy car. I also suspect my rubber cone mod is affecting my braking effectiveness.

  30. Took me a while to see that it was underfed, just read it as un-derfed

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