1. Arround 600-630k for a 5/5...except for mine....mine is bound...

  2. It seems to be a good one because it procs on Vengeance...most dh run vengeance

  3. Blue are also Elite, had a quest to defeat 10 elites in the sandocean and the Blue ones did count.

  4. I have used like 10 eternal, 20 normal purple crests, yesterday i bought that service where you get these 20 purple crest with each 10 levels. Got my Bottled Hope 5/5 out of it. Paragon 97 right now.....and i agree... i would kill to sell it and get a 3/5 or even 4/5 seeping bile+Bsj from market.

  5. BH will proc with vengance, and is a very good gem for DH, so I would absolutely use it.

  6. Yes 200% resonance! All stars golden. 30 gem power more to have it rank 2 im happy 😁😁

  7. Rank 1 5 star. Ive looked up the market it says like 360k platin....but its bound and idk if its any good... going standart vengeance build (no vision of the lost or heart of vengeance Yet).

  8. You see that little hill right of you? It looks like a platform what needs something bigger than a small rock wink wink

  9. Rooting the enemy for 5 seconds with Everfrost is my Meth 👍

  10. Ouch....i atleast got a zwensons 2/5 and sold it for 34k

  11. Leona Lv 2: Everytime Daybreak activates grant allies +1/+1

  12. I found my 7th legendary Shoulder but i still cant find Vision of the Lost or Heart of Vengeance....its getting ridiculous...

  13. Metroid NES.....should explain a huge Metroid fan and the first one breaks me after 15 minutes...

  14. the original LOZ and Metroid are too cryptic for their own good. you can go back and play the original kirby or mario and still have a great time, but Metroid is one of those games you downright need a guide for.

  15. The answer to your question is huge ;D. So I will give you just an advice that helped me so much training Elise. 1) Your e ability is important for you so remember always to leave your jungle plants up to use it for escape with E or trick your opponents in fight. Remember that dive with Elise is easy, you can go in and after reset tower hit with your E in spider form. 2) When you are ganking, walk in lane with your spider form. In that way you move faster and you can dodge first ability of your enemy (like a lux stun in bot side, veigar cage, ecc...) afterward you can jump on him dameging him and at the end, you are close range with your enemy, you can switch form and stun easily him dameging him again and if you need switch again in spider to close the kill.

  16. What i dont understand: we gotta start gank in Spider form (what is made to finish someone off) and swap into Human form (what is made to actually do more damage the more current hp the enemy got). For me it would be logically better if we had something to start a gank in human form...

  17. You right but in human form you are so slow, so you risk to need to hit a long range skillshot with your stun to start fight ( is easy for them to dodge I mean). Instead, I advice you to try to walk in spider form and jump on them with E then after to see if they flash and use your stun meele, your bot will complete the work. Just try it.

  18. Yes i swap my Gankstyle from gank to gank (Spider E into Human E), my problem is, when you use stun, it is on a long cd and you literally have no Spider or Human E to keep up with all the Dashes in League.

  19. Having 100%’d both games i can confidently say that:

  20. Raging Brachy and Furious Rajang still Haunting me after 350 hours in 😂😂

  21. PTA is fine if youre mechanically good. The thing is that you gotta activate it with Spider form, Repel engage, auto, w , auto. Its very good for early invades but loses power the longer the game goes on.

  22. What is the diffrence between starting it in spider form not human form? You dont get bonus dmg for humam skills?

  23. You gotta autoattack the enemy 3 times to activate pta. In spider you gapclose better than human, in spider you activate pta with auto W auto (3 auto attacks). In human form you need too long to activate it. You can also attack 2 times as Spider and the last auto as Human to proc it.

  24. There are no Junglers what are 100%ly effective vs ap comps.

  25. I just beat him to 40% bash elemental orbs on him and finish him off with a Full Elemental break.

  26. You can buy it for 16k gold (random chance) at the antiques.(buy 10 times, after 10 it gets more expensive)

  27. Only got Withered Rose....kinda like it...even if its a bit minimalistic

  28. Why are there no New skin concepts? All skins= Killer clown with 2 Knives, Killer clown with 2 Knives, Killer clown with 2 Knives...

  29. Very nice art! But i think her Spider legs are a bit short compared to her body (looks like wings). But else its a very nice artwork! Keep up!

  30. I go Pta or Conq with Riftmaker, Nashors. In Human 1v1 i stack riftmaker until its full then i go spider and be able to 1v1 a Xin with same score. It works fine, yesterday i tried sunfire cape on her and went 8/1 earlygame

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