Rapper 6ix9ine jumped in bathroom at LA FITNESS

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  1. I thought he was a Korat at first, but turns out he’s just a regular house cat with a genetic nutation. Your Casper is adorable!

  2. Everything looks tolerable except the cum sauce.

  3. Azrael is “the Angel of death”. It gives grim reaper vibes but that’s not it at all! Think of Archangel Azrael as a hospice nurse, if you will… I’ve read we all have a leaf that represents us on the tree of life and when ours falls, Azrael is sent to collect us and guide us home. Again, sounds very grim reaper like but Azrael is there to comfort and support us when the end is near and stays with us during the transition between life and death. I’ve even read he has a role in assisting us through our life review. I’ve heard some stories of those close to death acknowledging the presence of an Angel and describing Azrael. It’s a feeling of comfort as with the rest of the archangels. They know Azrael is there to take them home and it’s a feeling of peace. Just there to provide you with love and support during that transition. Azrael also assists with grief so not only does Azrael assist our loved ones with the transition to afterlife, Azrael also assists us as the loved ones who feel left behind and are mourning. You can call on Archangel Azrael if you are mourning a loved one and need some support with processing grief. This is why I always say that I believe those who work in hospice must work closely with Azrael 🤍 I would be a sobbing mess every day if I had to be the one to do it so that’s why I’m grateful for those in that line of work and believe they have a special gift. It’s never going to be a fun job but a beautiful gift when you can let yourself not get so caught up in ego you can provide peace and comfort for someone else in their final moments…understanding that it’s simply a part of the cycle, and it’s not the end. Just the physical separation.

  4. Thanks for the info! Now that you say angel of death, they sound familiar to me. Have you searched YouTube for any guides meditations with them (i always use they/them when speaking about angels that I’m not quite sure the gender of)?

  5. Yes you’re right, I try to as well since they are technically genderless but I’ve heard they can present themselves as either masculine or feminine but I do honestly forget sometimes tbh when I’m writing comments and do my best to just use their name for that reason. Michael is the only one I refer to as “he” because to me, his energy presents as very masculine. If you’re looking for archangel specific meditations,

  6. Medications usually don't stop abilities. In some cases, they can actually cause hallucinations.

  7. If you choose to frequent establishments that don't pay their employees a living wage, you are perpetuating the problem

  8. That guy that enters the bathroom at the end is one of the guys that was kicking him.

  9. Had his hand in his pocket, too. I immediately thought: gun. I probably would have shit myself if I was 69 and saw him coming back in like that.

  10. Wasn’t there another article a few weeks ago about Travis dating Sarah synder ?

  11. Agreed. I had a daughter first and the thought of letting a knife near her parts was a “HELL NO.” So then when I had my sons, I realized it was no different. I think there’s an “intactivist” movement that’s helping with this in the US.

  12. Hopefully you teach your kids how to clean themselves. Many parents who opt not to get their kid circumcised neglect to teach them appropriate cleaning habits..then they do face medical issues.

  13. I’d like to see a source that supports the idea that many intact boys don’t clean themselves. Retraction is unnecessary, the current advice is to “clean it like a finger.”

  14. No source, as I said to the other person—I’ve seen more comments on Reddit than you would think where boys have said they were never taught that they should, and then they experience some sort of build up than was painful. Nonetheless, just be sure to tell them! That’s all I was saying in my initial comment. I wasn’t attacking anybody in anyway.

  15. Because hair stylist rent out booths. They are not paid by the salon. They pay the salon.

  16. I'd like to share something very reluctantly, because I think it might give you some insight but it's also something deeply personal for me and I've been ridiculed for it before by others in the psychic/medium/metaphysical community before so I rarely speak about it. But if it helps you at all, I'd like to put it out there.

  17. I believe you! I don’t see why other mediums and psychics wouldn’t believe in interdimensional beings.

  18. I bet it’s Stans just coming here and reporting posts, or the Ks themselves. I highly doubt people who read this sub regularly are doing that.

  19. I suppose I can tell you where I'd start if I did encounter something like that.

  20. Every soul is an individual. Each soul can choose how to behave after death. Murder victims do not all stalk their killers.

  21. In a past life, I was murdered and raped by someone. My energy imprinted where I was murdered, and it would occasionally show up, basically a residual haunting (I had moved on). My murderer came back to the site twenty years later, and my energy showed up. It gave him a heart attack and he died right then and there.

  22. Take some time off. I didn’t go to college until 26, that’s when I felt ready to give it my all and make my education worth it.

  23. It’s quite odd that people want to assume that living stars like Britney and Avril are dead and that Michael Jackson and Elvis are still alive

  24. Well consensus is not and has never been a valid measure of truth, so my post being removed or receiving negative feedback on it doesn't really bother me other than that I think it was unwarranted. What it does tell me though is that the so-called "sensitives" in this community are more interested in safeguarding consensus and appealing to authority than actually investigating the truth for themselves.

  25. Exactly! I don’t understand why people can’t just find somebody sexy AND still think of them as a person. Just because you find them attractive doesn’t make them an object to use.

  26. It’s the taboo of sex in American/Christian/Right-wing culture.

  27. Any thoughts on why it only works when I’m alone and it’s quiet?

  28. You’re probably more tuned it or connected. Your concentration is there. If you want to develop your abilities more, I’d start meditating daily. I think you’d be able to get to a point where it works under any condition.

  29. Yes, their spirits are known as elementals. They exist everywhere in nature and are earth spirits.

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