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  1. Eggman… fuck you said wrong answers?

  2. I don't know where are you from but, Hindus don't wear clothes like that & you can only use this "Islam white washing" thing against Americans as they are very gullible, not against me.

  3. LMAOOOOO. Their clothes don’t determine their religion. Their actions clearly show they aren’t Muslim… do you understand or do you want me to simplify it?

  4. Do you even hear yourself 😂😂. "THEY ARE MUSLIMS" and this is a video of Pakistan. Dude who are you kidding. You are either from the western world and don't know much about this stuff or you are from Pakistan and you belong to the white wash gang. Any south asian person would read your comment and laugh their a** off. 🤣

  5. Ok listen… it’s a major sin to do this…… anyone who fears Allah or god wouldn’t do this. So they most likely aren’t Muslim simple as that.

  6. Buy blue familiars and combine 100 regular familiars to get a chance to tier up to epic once you level it up by training with that one on and same case but 150 familiars from epic to unique if das what u goin for. I’m still kinda new to it a bit so I might have made a mistake.(OR IF YOU BALLING GET A LEGENDARY FAM+ the red card thingy from CS to roll pot)

  7. Smiling mask is prob ur best best thing assuming it’s tradable. That’s the only thing unobtainable now, horntail chair is very common too not sure if it’s obtainable. Purple mask and specs are from gachapon

  8. It always bothers me that there are women in America wearing hijabs as they're simply a tool for oppression but then I remember I don't have the right to give a fuck as I'm not a woman, not middle eastern, and not a muslim.

  9. They are cultural and they shouldn’t be mandatory.

  10. Buy some cra gear such as hat weapon top and bottom if ur not in reboot

  11. What are their names? One is Sherbet, the other is....

  12. Oh it’s not possible? xd? I thought you can

  13. Some comments here are rational, but some are extremely racist. I'm not trying to be a Karen or whatever but like you can't say because "Ukrainians don't blow themselves up"

  14. I use n. Like I want peanut butter n jelly

  15. What did he say after that but! Wtf

  16. I didn’t even have an argument they’re just angry

  17. About what? If it’s just about being Muslim you need to tell someone

  18. Reset hyper stats and put some in crit dmg.


  20. This is the slowest argument I’ve ever seen

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