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  1. You should be asking how much are they willing to give you to take I wish you the best of luck but they can and will kill coral

  2. Do you have any experience with this? I have 2 bubble tip anemones and haven’t seen them cause any type of harm

  3. Wait til they move. Not if, when. I just had one destroy and entire colony of montipora and tubs stellata in 2 days because it decided to move up the rock a few inches.

  4. To me, it becomes blatantly obvious how dumb frogs are when I pour some water over top of my own pac and she tries to attack the stream.

  5. Oh, all the time I think "HOW DO YOU EXIST?" 🤣🤣

  6. More flow and less light will piss it off enough to go long tentacles and probably move to where you don't want it...leave it be.

  7. You have a lot of life in there.. make sure you’re dosing the right stuff

  8. How are you keeping up with calcium and alkalinity so far mate?

  9. Careful with those guys...Dont know if you're planning on any small fish but Coral Banded Shrimp are fish killers.

  10. Make sure you wiggle it and say "yeah that will definitely hold it" out loud at least twice when it's finished or it could fail.

  11. Okay I’ll see what happens then as I only dipped it nothing else. How fast does it grow? I.e how long will it take before starts taking over and can it be cut down to stop this instead of removing ?

  12. It will outgrow anything in its path it will grow over everything. My suggestion is put it on its own island away from any rock you don't want it to over take...a lot of people like to put it against the back wall because it will overtake the glass too.

  13. Once it's attached to a rock...there really isn't any stopping it without baking it.

  14. If you think commercial breweries put a sock on the end of a hose to filter their mead you might not understand how oxidization happens.

  15. Very little. I only raised the sock for pic it's submerged during transfer and isn't ripping through the tube fast enough to create bubbles. The bottling itself creates far more oxidation than racking using this process.

  16. I need to know how the Ghost pepper one tasted. That sounds amazing.

  17. So good....I cored the peppers so it wouldn't be too hot to gave it just enough bite to mellow out the finished at 15%...really hoping duplicating goes well.

  18. Hard pass, unless you're into screaming and crying...then by all means. 🤣

  19. I have a murderous coral banded shrimp banished to mine. 3 counts murder 1st degree.

  20. Filters out the blue and uv light so you can see the colors...kinda like using polarized sunglasses. Which I do sit in front of my tank in a lot too...just let's you see everything more clearly. Which not only is awesome to look at, but also let's you see anything troubling a lot sooner too.

  21. Holy smokes you’re the reefer with that sick custom build and the new frags!! Haha I have to say I love the tank build and the livestock choices!

  22. Yeah 😅 jumped in with both feet...reeeeal deep 🤣🤣

  23. You and me both! Truthfully I wasn’t planning on all the corals I have but a friend of mine I made in my area gave me a bunch just for the heck of it so ive been managing my additions for a few months with good stability so far! Gotta say that my fav zoas are my radioactive dragon eyes or my blonde blue-eyed bitches

  24. Have u tried adding some beneficial bacteria? What does ur live stock look like?

  25. what's the thing in the last pic that kinda looks like a rock flower?

  26. Maybe someday when the colonies grow out, you can!

  27. Do you quarantine all your fish? How’d you snap this ballin tank together so fast?

  28. I had a bigger tank years ago so it's not my first rodeo...I just made sure to do everything right. Do it right or do it twice.

  29. My LFS quarantines anything in medicated tanks for however long I ask them to. It's a great store.

  30. Wouldn't know...I've been a victim of a glitch and they haven't sent anything yet.

  31. I feel like this picture doesn’t do it justice. The tank looks nice. How weird is it to get the flow right in there?

  32. Not hard at all, all the pumps are adjustable so only took a few tries to get it right.

  33. Doesn't bother me, not really noticeable too much in person honestly

  34. Hideous. Send me that mushroom rock immediately to get it out of view. Lol

  35. Woa! That's a cool shaped tank! Did you have that custom made? How many gallons? Is the shape a pain to work with? How does the underside look?

  36. I didn't have it made though it is a custom, I found it at a thrift store completely unused. It never had water in it. It's roughly 180gal. The shape was a little bit of a pain to get plumbed, I had to buy a sump that fit, but it didn't need to be a custom (thankfully). The sump sits on the left hand side and my ATO reservoirs sit on the right hand side (Two 5gal jugs, I evaporate just under 5G a week) along with my dosing pump...all the electronics (plugs and stuff) are hung on the top underside.

  37. That's pretty cool, for how long has it been running? I think we need some closer up shots of this beautiful tank

  38. February. It's a lot of frags right now that are growing out but gonna take time.

  39. Firework Cloves are one of my favorites..I recommend them for l reefs

  40. I recommend firework cloves...they don't sting and man they GLOW like crazy.

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