1. EXO-Ls love hyping member solos but when it finally comes some of y’all do it dirty :-)

  2. Because as much as EXO-Ls cry about “OT9 or nothing” the truth has always been they have their biases and will only truly support those biases and tune out of anything solo related that other members do. Yet they will bash solo stans for not being all in on EXO but they are the majority support when solo albums come around.

  3. A tremendously hard to swallow pill but that’s true. I am also OT9 and try to support everyone as much as I possibly can especially when it comes to solo works. But what irks me is those who bring in negativity and compare how EXO-Ls supported X member over Y. It’s not a competition. I know it’s not possible to support everyone “equally” with their endeavors, other factors such as personal life, work, etc get in our way sometimes and that’s okay. I’ve seen OT9 fanbases get bullied for not doing the same efforts for certain members, and that is not the way to go.

  4. Yes, there’s a failure to realize that casual fans/multis/etc are a portion of listeners and some songs have wider appeal than others — Mmmh didn’t reach 100mil+ views purely because of EXO-Ls, obviously. So it’s frustrating to see guilt-tripping in situations like that because you cannot claim EXO-Ls rallied to support KAI but then not somebody else. It’s not that black and white.

  5. Ya, it's truly funny how much fans are crying out for live vocals without realizing that almost all the live vocals they actually hear have been fixed in post. You're never going to know what's pure, raw vocals and what's been fiddled with. Even some of the most talented vocalists in the world get their vocals fixed up before a performance airs.

  6. I think when he was younger and lacked the vocal strength he has since built up, he covered well by emoting and stylizing the few lines he got. There is just a certain flavor in the way he sings his lines, I always found myself repeating them.

  7. But then following up with OOTN throttled them a bit. They regained traction with Russian Roulette and Rookie, then blew up with Red Flavor. Like I said in my main comment, their songs were always generally well received, but Red Flavor was their Cheer Up/Next Level. It wasn't just "well received" or "fairly big", it was a huge hit and really solidified them as a top group (helped by the fact that they had recognition already as a big 3 group so it was more a question of "when will they hit it big" rather than if they will and the fact that they had previous songs like Dumb Dumb, Russian Roulette, and Rookie to slowly build a presence).

  8. As much as I personally like OOTN (song and video), it really did slow their momentum and I remember the extreme fandom frustration at the time. That's just not really the kind of song people wanted from Red Velvet, at least not as a title track that they promoted.

  9. Oh, the EXO solo akgaes have even bickered over which members had a "harder" time during their enlistment (i.e. DO worked hard in the kitchen while Baekhyun has a desk job). It's pathetic really.

  10. It's always mattered – it's just talked about more these days because it's getting worse.

  11. A brand mismatch I can't get off my mind is Lisa x Celine. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of Rose x YSL either. I think Lisa should have been with a brand that is way more experimental and sexy. Her Celine shoots have been mind numbingly boring. And Rose should have gone with a more feminine brand. I would love to see her in Miu Miu but I guess they're not big enough to bag her. Aespa x Givenchy only works in theory. The brand matches the Aepsa concept, but doesn't really match the girls as individuals. Would've preferred to see them with a brand that freshens them up, not makes them look older. BTS x LV: it's unfortunate they were made ambassadors as a *group* when they have individual styles and I can only say LV suits 1-2 of them. Chanyeol x Prada is another one I don't understand, feels random. And controversially... G-Dragon x Chanel. I don't get it. I'd rather see him elsewhere.

  12. K-pop companies could hire Western marketing and creative consultants (who have more experienced dodging CA) to help them avoid all this but they won't because in actuality, these scandals (specifically re: Lisa and Giselle) do very little to hurt their bottom line. And the cost of retaining consultants is too much in compared to the little money they may lose.

  13. Being on or off social media makes the big difference. Back when I followed k-pop casually, it was just a fun interest. But when I made a stan account on Twitter, I got sucked into not just the fun stuff (making memes, connecting with other fans) but the toxicity (obsessing over views/charts, fighting with haters).

  14. SM puts so much effort in vocally training its artists, just to not let them sing live. It's bizarre. I don't doubt they could sing live - and sure they'll make some mistakes here and there and it won't be 100% perfect but so what? I think it's about image control. It's just interesting that it's extending not only from rookies but seniors in the company too. It's unfortunate to see the artists criticized for this "choice" when it's my strong belief it's SM's preference.

  15. Agreed. Also, generally speaking, I'm frustrated by the lack of soloists I see in award shows and festival line-ups. A bit biased because I'm more of a fan of soloists these days than groups, but seriously, give them some time on stage too... otherwise, we're just watching pretty repetitive performances. Especially for the groups that alter nothing about their performances from the music show stages to here... Also, a seasoned soloist with a 10-year career is going to outperform rookies, most of the time. So get them on stage! Seeing a lot of complaints from netizens lately about the 2021 festivals and also MAMA re: quality of performances.

  16. To start with - less newer gen idols. I don't care for Choom's excessive focus on them. Let's bring up idols from older gens and let them shine, especially since SM is now sending artists there. So I want Seulgi, YooTaeyang, Yves, KAI.

  17. I do agree, for some performances. When used correctly, backup dancers can help tell the story of the song. I look at Tail by Sunmi and Peaches by Kai as some examples from this year where backups were utilized really well - instead of just mimicking the idol's movements or just standing in the background to highlight them, sometimes they were rather brought to the forefront beside or in front of the idol to serve the 'story'.

  18. Quite a dull list. There are so many songs on here I heard once and would never want to hear again.

  19. I'm reading this after I just watched a certain fandom bash an idol I like for 24 hours straight with hundreds of qrts.

  20. Name a soloist who did more this year, I'd love to hear it 🎤but I'm sure once you put the list together, you'd see how wrong you are 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. Let me clarify, it's not about the length of the list, it's also about the work that goes into each project. 2 albums worth of work > covers and OSTs, no matter how many, not to mention the main cast on variety *shows*, not radio, which includes not only filming for the show but additional promotions such as press cons, photoshoots, interviews, and more.

  22. I think these "boyfriend" teasers are reflective of mood sampler #2 - he is being filmed/photographed by his partner. That's why the mood is very casual and silly (especially that pancake photo!) It's almost like they're not even teasers but private photographs.

  23. I agree with you about AOTM's intentions – but here's where I will get controversial. I don't think it's the right approach. To be really blunt, not every artist is good at crafting a story, or picking the best outfit, or knows what their strengths are, or what song translates well through choreography. There's a reason idols are surrounded by teams that dictate these things for them – as much as fans cry out for letting them have more control, not all of them are actually well equipped to make the best decisions for their stages. The majority aren't, actually. Nothing wrong with that, but that's what I have seen reflected in many AOTM stages. They're making bad decisions. Okay, it's "their artistry". Well, maybe Choom isn't the best place to reflect that. Especially with the sets being very cold and empty, which means that focusing on the performance/choreography is inevitable and there's a limited number of idols that can pull you in with charisma alone and make you not get bored of watching a lot of movements that just aren't very dynamic or interesting, with a dull song too.

  24. I'm reserving all hope till I see the MV. Mmmh was nothing like the teaser images in the beginning.

  25. Yes, I think there was probably a compromise there where Kai took control of FILM : KAI and SM handled the mv. I am hoping since Kai said he has been editing the Peaches mv, that it is reflective of his vision for the album and will not be something entirely different. Although, contrast isn't always the worst thing but I think that worked better for his attempt to reflect a 'limitless' version of himself for the first album, whereas this album seems more cohesive in its approach to visuals.

  26. He looks amazing! I hope tomorrow's mood sampler will show us this look in motion.

  27. why would you chose the song title "peaches" so soon after JB's massive hit? he's gonna get buried in search results

  28. He was working on his song for over a year, so before Bieber released Peaches and also, who cares? If anything, people searching for Bieber's song will see KAI's right there too. Drives more traffic, not less. It won't be buried.

  29. I'm very intrigued by the construction of this trench coat, what even is going on there? Love the teasers!

  30. The first pic! Art! The others are so soft and pretty, the portrait in particular reminds me of like, a flashback scene in a film where someone remembers their young love lmao

  31. You're not far off! He sent a message on bubble "I am waiting for you, sincerely young master Kai" after mood sampler #1 came out which gives more of a romantic context to these photos

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