1. Thank you for all the responses. I’ll try Ergon since that’s winning by majority so far

  2. Where’s all the camping equipment for that many people? Just curious..

  3. 'We just stumbled upon this place that had these tables built'

  4. A knoll (like the grassy kind) is how I say it, don't know if it's correct

  5. I’ve heard it said both ways. I’ve always pronounced it a-knoll…then heard it the other way while watching a nature show and turned to my husband outraged that he’s been letting me say it wrong all this time (I’m ESL) lol

  6. Life expectancy is 74 because of people's self-choices. Obesity is the number 1 killer in America. Behind that is smoking cigarettes and drug addiction.

  7. Or perhaps it’s also because people can’t afford to go to a doctor/get medical care….

  8. For those who don't know - you can buy these egg sacs on Amazon. They come in a cup and will hatch in about a week. I buy one every year because my son gets a kick out of it. Then we let them go in my wife's garden and check back from time to time to see if we can find any of them.

  9. Wanted to add for those who want to do this: Just make sure to get one that’s native. Amazon has a couple different ones and not all are native.

  10. Looks like my Janet. Do you think they are in fact one millipede. A millipede with the power to portal around to different enclosures, and that is why they seem like they've buried themselves. They're just off visiting someone else.... :0

  11. Yesterday I found one of my bumblebee millipedes on a wall of my living room near the ceiling. Had to get a ladder. Have no idea how it got out or WHEN lol

  12. They’re pre-seasoning themselves. For that charred steak flavor

  13. I really like his books. Look up his life story/biography. He was one crazy dude lol

  14. Look up “naturalist” or “field guides” and state or area or ecosystem you’re interested in.

  15. Ha Didn’t see dog at first glance lol thought it was a little pillow.

  16. Oh, I did the Getty Museum yesterday and the Getty Villa today. So beautiful!

  17. My family does but not me. I only visit now or send my kid for the summer haha

  18. Camera keeps moving and going out of focus. Can see springtails for sure but not whatever tan bugs you’re talking about. Try taking a pic or a better video. Could be mites? They’re tan-ish

  19. Crickets barely have any nutritional value to them to begin with unless you guy load them (and many people don’t). So that’s a no from me. Should be a variety in pacs diet. Crickets are only an occasional food for mine.

  20. That looks like it’s going to be delicious. I’m making Egyptian goulash today (basically a meat pie). And apply turnovers for dessert.

  21. That substrate looks WAY too dry. Sitting in one spot is pretty normal. You should be able to squeeze out a drop of water, that’s how moist you want the substrate.

  22. I’m telling you! I have weird luck with wildlife. It’s like they’re drawn to me or out to get me or something.

  23. I started doing those before the scatterbug with friends I added from other countries when doing remote raids. I think it's cool to see other places and also getting raid bosses from other countries.

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