1. You can edit the estimated print time override in your printer or resin settings. Just add 10 sec to what your burn in is set to, then watch/time 10 normal layers being printed and then divide that number by 10 and that’s your actual layer print time. Once you add those in, your print estimate will be off less than a minute.

  2. I'm less concerned with the estimated print time and more interested in how to control how much time is spent per layer. From what I can see, I only have roughly 4.5 seconds currently invested per my later layers, yet my printer adds 10 seconds doing things around the exposure and delay I set, which I do not understand. I don't see any time on the printer settings in lychee, and I don't see anything on my saturn itself, so I don't know where this comes from or if there's even a way to control it.

  3. It's always going to be longer then the slicer says. The slicer is a program that works with most printers. Each printer is going to be diff.

  4. Should I just remove the Exposure delay then since the printer is going to add a 4 second delay on its own anyway?

  5. Have you tried printing the temp test stl , that worked for me to know which was the right temp to avoid stringing.

  6. I didn't because I initially expected this to be an easy fix, but this print has ultimately become a temperature tower for me. The recommended range for hatchbox was 180-215, and I've gone through all temps now except for 180 and 185. I can give those a try this evening and see if that makes a difference. Would there still be a benefit of trying a true temperature tower at this point?

  7. Well, if you have gone throughout all the temps in the Hatchbox range, I would give the 2 last temps a try, I had a PLA once that was super stringy even at 190, and worked it out by setting the retraction distance to 0.5mm , and lowering the temp down to 182 •C. Since all pla plastics can behave in a different way due to external factors as well like humidity, its hard to say a specific setting that might work on your case.

  8. Alright, so I gave dropping the temp all to 180 a try, and while it reduced the stringing significantly, I now have a fluffier spiderweb instead of a tough web, so it's still not completely resolved. I also had some layer adhesion issues specifically in the areas where the supports were, so the areas that relied on them ending up breaking off mid print. I'm going to try lowering the contact z-distance on the supports to fix the support issue, but I'm not sure where to go with the stringing now.

  9. This was a theory I was considering for exactly the same reasons you pointed out. I also have a feeling that the victory we did not notice and the one who was awakened both refers to C'thun coming back. Would explain why the twilight hammer all of a sudden got so excited and the evolution of the silithid, as mentioned in the epilogue quests.

  10. Yeah, Battleborn devs are definitely celebrating right now(Even after their huge delay)

  11. "So best way to prepare is watch the game being played (it hurts)" Definitely feel you on that one. I find your situation similar to mine and i actual agree with your comparison of Dota and Lol. My rationale to all of this is simply to familiarize myself with basic skills of the genre while also training reflexes and awareness. Also, your English was perfectly fine!

  12. Remember seeing the first thread and thinking, wow, blizzard will never do something like what they're suggesting... Oh well, Siphonix#1204

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