1. When I’m really disappointed or embarrassed with someone I usually say “I'll tell you one thing and I'm not ashamed to say it, my estimation of _ as a man just fucking plummeted.”

  2. I…I think you may have wandered into the wrong thread. Ho! The happy wanderer!

  3. Wait, is foraging not allowed in some countries? I live in Scotland and wouldn’t think twice about mushroom-picking in a random bit of woodland

  4. I live in America. If you even try to collect rainwater, the feds will get ya.

  5. That’s what I was thinking. So how are his funds in Coinbase then? Do they mean Coinbase wallet?

  6. Randall’s on AW Grimes has good selection and frequently have sales.

  7. Thank you. I did end up going to Randall’s and I was floored by how much of a discount they offer, as long as you’re enrolled in their rewards program, which I already was because I was a rewards member at their sister store, Market Street. Strip steaks that were normally $12, which is about average price for a one pound steak, we’re discounted to $7. I just wish they had ribeyes that discounted, but alas I didn’t see any ribeyes in the place.

  8. For whatever it’s worth to you their butterflied loins, seasoned with some coffee/espresso rub changed my entire perspective on pork. My wife and I made it a staple. For anything else I can’t personally vouch but I can say it’s been the absolute best pork we have ever had, consistently.

  9. I still don’t get how to buy this. I have a little bit of Bitcoin in, but have no idea how to convert that into Pig, if that’s possible. Then, I wouldn’t know how to move Pig to a wallet like Trust Wallet. Anyone able to dumb it down for me? I’d appreciate it.

  10. I’ll be honest, I’m woefully uneducated when it comes to purchasing some of these alt coins. I went through several of the preliminary steps, like downloading Trust Wallet, but where so I buy the BNB, and then where do I use that to purchase Pig? I signed up on, but is the best place to do this? Is that even the correct place to do this? I’d appreciate your clarification for me. Thanks!

  11. I’ve been trying to figure out how to purchase PIG, but it seems like a needlessly complicated process. It says you need to purchase PIG with BNB, but Binance doesn’t allow Americans to purchase, so how are you all getting past that step? Then what needs to be done? I appreciate anyone’s input here.

  12. Here’s my advice, but there’s on wrinkle: you could build an entirely self-contained cell block with cells, showers, a canteen, a kitchen, etc. You’d want it to contain everything a prisoner needs. Then you’ll want to set pressure switch remote doors where the only way to open the door is to stand in the pressure switch. This switch will need to be inside the cell block so the guards can leave. Once the guards escort the prisoners to their cells, order a Bang Up, where all prisoners must go into their cell on lockdown. Then, manually order any guards still in the cell block to go to a location outside of that block. Once they are outside, they cannot open a remote door without stepping on the pressure switch, which is inside. Now only the prisoners are in that block. The only problem I foresee is that you won’t be able to deliver any food to that area. You’d probably also need to set staff security sectors outside of the block to prevent prisoners from triggering the doors. I suppose an easier way of doing this is ordering all the guards to leave the block by sending them somewhere else, and then setting all the doors to permanently locked. Try it out and see how that works.

  13. Also just an question, do you know do i need workers in the prison to carry food? Or do the cooks carry them?

  14. I’m not actually sure. I believe the workers bring the food to the kitchen. I don’t know if that’s different if you grow your own crops and have a pantry. Then, maybe the prisoners can do that because prisoners are allowed to work on the farms.

  15. It very well may be a pinched nerve. You or someone you know should carefully massage every square inch of your arm and see if you have any unusually tender spots. If you do, you’ll need to work those knots out. It may take several sessions. But as it heals, the sensation should go away. I get that about once a year independent of lifting. Trouble with muscles I guess.

  16. best plan of acting here would be to contact the developer and not the sub.

  17. I didn’t even know we could create levels. I’m guessing that’s on PC only? I’ve only played the mobile version so far. Just getting into the game.

  18. Are they going to make a movie or tv show about this? I swear they will, should be a dope movie.

  19. What you are doing is amending a common phrase. The phrase itself is not a cliche, so there is no real need to interject a synonym for the sake of shaking things up. Stick with “including, but not limited to” and avoid replacing that with a more cumbersome and confusing wording.

  20. Man, do I wish they had something like this for console players.

  21. I'll have to try it someday. I cook my steaks without any oil/butter - but add it at the end. Its much less messy with less splatter.

  22. I’ve basted the steak with butter while cooking and I’ve cooked the steak with basting, adding butter after cooking while the meat rests. I prefer the taste of adding the butter after cooking, but that’s just my preference.

  23. Yo, what’s this penguin doing on the Kafe map?

  24. I’m using Zero as we speak and the enemy team is constantly taking it out as soon as I deploy it anywhere near objective. It’s far too obvious when it’s deployed or in use.

  25. Yup I have the same issue. Idk if it's cos my sens is 50-100 or cos it just is high but yh lol

  26. They messed up Zero’s camera. Because my sensitivity is high but I have no trouble using Maestro’s camera.

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