1. What kind of bank doesn't have a phone number?

  2. Might want to check your history. Bagpipes are enjoyed in both Scotland and Ireland and are believed to have originated in the Middle East

  3. Even if you hate Bruce... if you don't want the media ruining trials, this is kind of part of the solution.

  4. Why is he hated? I suppose working for the Liberal Party ain't gunna win many friends, but that alone isn't reason to hate.

  5. I guess that's a presumption on my part about the people who believe he's guilty. I probably could have phrased it differently. Really that's all I meant. Even if you "think he's guilty", "deserves conviction/punishment" ??

  6. Road? 9 fractures in leg, arm, eye socket, torn acl, pcl, etc. - The Toyota LandCruiser didn't see me, pulled out, I hit his fender and flew over the bonnet. (Do your chin straps up folks)

  7. In my experience, artificially sweet things don't help reduce the sugar cravings. YMMV

  8. Would it make you feel better if he took a full day? Even if the outcome was the same?

  9. Not to mention this is a great investment in the structural integrity of the house. This job now could save you from bigger problems later.

  10. Also, I don't think the financing is helping. Easy finance for students has seen Universities bulge in the administration departments and increase fees accordingly.

  11. Perl. Of course any server side language can do it. Take a form post with username and message and append it with mild formatting to the end of the html page

  12. I was briefly exposed to Python around 1999 but didn't pick it up until about 2010. If I'd jumped in back then it would have dramatically changed my career path.

  13. You buy it from Adobe, you know, the guys who make photoshop and premiere?

  14. 6'6" started on a GSF250 for 2 years before upgrading to a GSXR600.

  15. Spread the helmet further apart while putting it on. It should work.

  16. Yeah pull wide open with the straps as you put it on

  17. How long on carnivore? How strict? What are you eating? (just beef steak? or a mix? liver?)

  18. For about 2 years. I’ve been feeling like shit after I eat and if I eat a big steak, my feet and legs get all swollen and they also hurt. Read about it’s due to a mineral imbalance and not having enough magnesium, potassium and salt in your diet. I starting drinking liquid IV and started to feel better after I ate. So instead of drinking all that sugar in those liquid IVs. I ordered these supplements. I take beef organ supplements as well

  19. I think if you're treating an issue it should be fine. I'd be inclined to use them until symptoms go away and then wean down to a lower dose or off entirely. But you really gotta work out what works for you.

  20. YNAB. Probably saved my marriage and is the only reason we were able to upgrade the house.

  21. Just pointing out that their method and video training was a big part of us managing our budget better - not just the app.

  22. Leave a note on it that says, "SMILE for the camera"

  23. I've suggested something similar, except I'd like in-crew boxing

  24. True Story: My wife wanted one for her birthday. Told the salesman and he was horrified!

  25. Natural cycles involves forest fires. They burn away brush, clear downed trees, thinking trees allowing for more growth of smaller plants and fertilize the soil. Stopping forest fires involves us actively removing brush and downed trees.

  26. This isn't a terrible choice on day 2. It's gonna take time to adjust and beat the cravings. Just keep trying.

  27. Make sure to photograph a reading before it's taken.

  28. My favourite part was the door-to-door salesmen during this time.

  29. I did for 14 years and rode to work 5 days a week. 2002 - 2016.

  30. Aye, same here. When I was young I only had a bike, but that was a long time ago. The incident that caused my changeover to 4 wheels as well as 2 gives a good indication of when that was. I went to a shop and measured the size of the package an XBox360 came in and saw it was too big for my paniers, so I went and bought a small car to use as a kind of motorised shopping trolley

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