1. Adjust your mindset and think of your guild as a place for people to grow and get better and then move on to stronger guilds. Just a thought

  2. My disappointment is INFINITE and my LIFE is ruined

  3. That is legit what is is and as a UK fan I fucking love the london games. I try and go every year but I do wish they were away games for both teams as to not take away from the fans in jacksonville

  4. Bringing back calais campbell is nothing more than nostalgia and we don't need to waste the money

  5. And then it stops. And then it begins again. Then it dribbles somewhat.

  6. This doesn't look like an mmo at all to me

  7. Your little fist pump at the end is so wholesome! I'm a highlight Chad (no idea what the highlight version of vod boy is) so I've not seen any of the talent show but God damn if the contestants are half as talented as you it must have been one hell of a stream! Hope wubby sees this post!

  8. Fuck please just pay him what he wants! I NEED THIS

  9. Holy shit! It's possibly actually gunna happen maybe! This is almost the best day ever! My favourite player of all time could maybe come back!? Fucking he'll best potential news ever!!

  10. Had a dream about this the other night. The air was filled with nukes that were slowly falling and nothing could be done about it. We thought we had a couple of days but whilst at work we heard a huge blast and we all had to accept that death was very very imminent. I remember in the dream just crawling into a ball and crying as I felt the heat coming. I learnt from that dream that although now I don't fear dying, when it's coming sk fast, it's fucking terrifying and I can't stop thinking about it. Just in a ball on the floor at work crying and waiting to be evaporated.

  11. When I was trying to learn widow I would enter qp and put in the chat "Hope you don't mind, I'm trying to learn and improve on widow" that way everyone knew what I was doing and every person that responded were positive. Sometimes being open and honest yields the best results

  12. This is the most reposted repost on the Internet I swear to god

  13. Worst song they have ever done. I recoil whenever I hear it even mentioned

  14. I wouldn't get your hopes up. Cap space is tight. At least they franchise tagged Engram and resigned/restructured a few other guys.

  15. Yeah that's true. Tbh all I want is calais back. That would be amazing

  16. We have the big names already, good teams don’t need to sign big names. They draft well and sign value players who fill a specific role.

  17. As someone who probably didn’t but may have downvoted you, I apologize. Thank you for putting us out of our misery sooner and not having to watch more Todd downing play calling into the playoffs.

  18. Just going back through my old posts. How do you feel now!?

  19. I hope whoever gets it rips it up on camera. That shit would be hilarious

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