[OC] Inflation and the cost of every day items

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  1. To add to that, I have seen some small waisted folks wear their duty belt backwards so the buckle is in the back and frees up more space.

  2. Get into shape. Workout before the academy, and not a week before. Work on cardio, and calisthenics. You could maybe study over your phonetics, dig into your penal code for your state, that kinda stuff but mostly just get into shape

  3. i’ve been to terrell and it’s racist as hell damn near a sundown town

  4. Hundreds of people are upvoting me saying they also wouldn’t want to be someone’s second choice. Maybe you can be in love with 5 people at once but a lot of people aren’t

  5. I disagree with the part that you said eventually you shouldn’t love your wife because she died after a few years

  6. Please, don't ruin any of the car for this

  7. ...does not fucking matter after a record number of mass shootings in 2022. Let's focus on that then we can celebrate idiots in the news k

  8. You and 300 other people made this same dimwit transphobic joke. Congrats

  9. In my state, police can’t stop you based on suspected age. What they can do though is find a reason to pull you over and then get your age that way. And I don’t know what state your in, but in Texas, most people break some sort of traffic law every time they drive.

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