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  1. If you tap and hold on it I’m pretty sure it tells you

  2. If that’s the case for me it says it’s found in square forest or can be made from bamboo and bamboo can be made from wood

  3. What does RTC mean? And maybe another silly question. Is it legal?

  4. Fun fact about mortis is that he is the bringer of doom!

  5. Can I still join even if I’m not the best at the game?

  6. Yeah, you could. This tournament is pretty low-stakes, so even if you don't do well, you haven't lost anything by participating

  7. This event was made before cryo yeti was a gravestone, so now it will always freeze ketchup mechanic.

  8. Out of curiosity what was the original way to solve it?

  9. I’m most excited for Sam as I think his design is very awesome! Love his voice as well! Voice actor did an amazing job! Good luck to everyone!

  10. Not a question but I want to say hope you’re having a nice day. :)

  11. Shark Tooth Colt! He looks so awesome in the artwork and in game

  12. i read that as aborted at first and was extremely confused.

  13. Not sure if this is too late but my favorite moment in this subreddit is how the devs listen and respond to our feedback

  14. I got her after 4 multi packs, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't unfortunately :(

  15. I know you’re missing the Poison-Shrooms, which I would say you should craft, since you don’t have anything that could replace them effectively. The Poison Ivy and Bluesberry are replaceable by Angry Berry, since you’re only missing a single copy of each, and neither are worth crafting

  16. Alright thanks for your input! I actually got a poison mushroom from the season premium pack so now I only need to craft two and I’ll add two berry angry cards. Thanks so much for the help on my deck I really appreciate it! I’ll make sure to use your tips when making a deck. And don’t worry about not paying closer attention to my deck you’re good. However I must ask how do I know when a card is a good budget option?

  17. Honestly, just comparing cards and asking yourself which ones help your deck more works the best in card decisions. There’s also a tier list linked in my other post, but that only goes so far into showing you when a card is good

  18. Sorry for not updating sooner on the deck but I did pretty well I’d say. I did five matches and won three out of two. One was very close and needed a berry blast but didn’t get it so I lost and the other I’m pretty sure it was a hacker not entirely sure however. I almost won against that person but me not realizing how a zombie worked made me lose. Anyways I’m digging this deck so far! It’s very fun to play and seems to work well. I also tried making decks for Green Shadow, Solar Flare, and Wall-Knight. Link here to view them -

  19. I remember playing this game a while back! Was very fun for me

  20. I think we’d love to help but we’re struggling to rebuild as well.

  21. Wait are you the people to the left of the 3ds? If so I’m down to help out

  22. Awesome! I’ll dm you the invite to the server we’re doing this on

  23. Hey y’all I got a question about the pirate skins will they come back next year or is this the last year to get them? Thanks in advance

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