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  1. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been rioting or an uprising about the lack of decent medical care yet,

  2. One needs to be relatively healthy to actively protest. The impacted try to stay alive and everyone else hasn’t felt the crunch yet.

  3. People used to get mad at me for joking that Eve is a spreadsheet simulator but look who was right all along.

  4. Anyone who plays eve knows it’s a spreadsheet simulator lol.

  5. Anyone who plays EVE also knows it's a tired joke that everyone's sick of hearing.

  6. I see someone was stuck playing logi in every fleet.

  7. Why am I so fucking offended that was even included.

  8. Probably because it’s phrasing meant to make the deputy a victim and draw sympathy for him.

  9. Wasn't it literally your agent's job to see if there were any prospective problems before approving the sale?

  10. My agent glossed over prospective problems and literally tried to steer me away from them. I can’t prove shit of course.

  11. Agents can work for either side of the transaction. The Listing Agent represents the seller. The Buyer's Agent represents the buyer.

  12. My documents specifically outline who each agent worked for but thanks for the ELI5.

  13. Oof. Friend of mine sent a pitch for some vacation pyramid scheme. Politely called it out and haven’t heard from them since. MLMs are the worst.

  14. Why do these losers think threatening their *absence* from our lives is a threat? Like yeah dude, that's exactly what we want, leave us the fuck alone. Duh.

  15. I played quite a few killer matches this past weekend. I either got really newbie survivors or the gens/gate were done in less than 5 minutes, no in between. It definitely felt like matchmaking was off, I get where he's comin from.

  16. See, I equip a pudding and I get destroyed by competent survivors. I put some non-sensible offering up and I go 4K.

  17. Is this the first official ark 2 news in at least a year?

  18. It’s not even new news. Waiting for the inevitable “we’ve delayed to make sure everything is correctly broken.”

  19. I joined mine due to this exact circumstance lol. Fortunately we use a management company so I am mostly just there to provide approvals / ask the management company why they’re fucking up this week.

  20. please save your dogs life and help him loose some weight 🙁🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. Op is a Karma bot based on post history.

  22. BBB rating has become pay to get an A rating... You can have 1 star review average, but as long as you become a member your rating will turn to A+. They are no better then the "Awards" car companies pay to get on TV ads.

  23. Consumer Reports is the same way. Used to work for a cellular company that was #1 many years in a row due to their paying membership.

  24. If you’re gonna ignore one of the best video games ever because of a Reddit comment than that sucks. DS2 is probably my favorite of the series there is a ton of content and DS3 felt too easy.

  25. Your opinion is valid. I just have a huge backlog, and have less game time in my adult life than I would like. I’ve seen multiple reviews putting DS2 as the worst of them. Also I’m absolutely terrible at souls games and appreciate Elden Ring (and DS3) for their more accessible elements.

  26. I think you’ll probably be pretty good at souls games once you’ve finished Elden Ring. I’ve been awful at them forever, but about 20 hours into Elden Ring I suddenly became competent. I can still see I have a lot of improvement to go, but I also have a lot of game left.

  27. I think what has typically been my issue with souls games is the run to the boss. I have no problem dying 50-100 times but if it takes 15 minutes just to get back to the boss each time, that’s infuriating.

  28. Or when you enter a safe haven and you see bloodstains.

  29. These confuse the fuck out of me when the multitude of bloodstains are just people standing still getting stabbed repeatedly…but there are no enemies nearby to have done it.

  30. It's ok, I've only been there twice. It's not fun getting sniped by giant glowing arrows, so I just avoid going there.

  31. The boss fight there is gorgeous and worth being a pincushion.

  32. The fucking rats it the siofra river. And the dick heads that hide in bushes with bows

  33. What???? I thought that boss is meant to be fought on foot.

  34. Hahaha after I died a few rounds to him and noticed how little damage I was doing, I grabbed my runes and went around him. I’ll be back after a bit more character progression.

  35. Radar feels like a M.A.S.H. reference :)

  36. That is immediately what I think of when I talk about Radar as a name as well.

  37. I believe Nextdoor is owned by Facebook

  38. The active posters in my Neighborhood certainly fit the Facebook demographic though.

  39. Call me a nerd but I dug Hercules and Andromeda ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , but yea real like Sorbo is def a wack job.

  40. I too enjoyed Andromeda. Until this post, I was blissfully unaware that he was a moron.

  41. 300k for a camera lens?! I'm in the wrong business.

  42. No one tosses a coin for the wicker anymore?

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