1. "No, the above answer is not perfect"... (Insert rest of my comment).

  2. Haven't played for 3 weeks. It's been fun

  3. Who can afford to retire at that wage. I never made any retirement contributions when I was struggling.

  4. The culture is looking for tomorrow b.

  5. Why the player dead? Is this a superstar that wants to be here? Is it a joke? Am I a joke to you?

  6. We are lucky to live far, far from these wonderful creatures that absolutely would eat us for dinner if given the chance.

  7. Idk....john Green onions was pretty strong too

  8. All this was a stunt to fold this bs league and not pay anyone. My wife will take a backhand to save a few millies

  9. 10 should be DeRozan. This hockey bias is nauseating. It's the most hated sport in the world . All it does is burn out tv pixels and promote violence against women

  10. Who the hell is number 4. Chris bosh bitch

  11. Listen buddy. Bobby wasn’t the one who got rid of those players. That was Masai. You keep saying token hire, meanwhile Bobby has been with Masai as his right hand man for almost a decade. They read the tea leaves that keeping Gasol, Serge, Norm and Kyle was their key to getting younger. That team wasn’t going to win another championship w/o Kawhi. Had we kept those players we would have just kept getting older. Masai and the front office made the right move and moved to get younger. They kept all our draft picks. They got young talent.

  12. Dear god, you can't think I care enough to read all that. Have some mints man. Your breath gotta stink

  13. Someone doesn’t like having a real discussion. Especially one where he can’t make an actual real factual point. Using high school comebacks isn’t effecting me the way you hope it is.

  14. These are grade school suggestions at best

  15. He won’t get cancelled because too many goofies can relate to him being a goofy that flirts with street culture.

  16. Flirting w the street lol. I'd rather taunt a pit w a steak.

  17. You guys don't know about Mark Cubanos practices.

  18. OP be all 5. Jokic doncic dikam. These guys adapt every game. Life is not a character build in an RPG

  19. I'm with you, nothing worse than a return trip after refreshing the netherworld

  20. Vgt cars are just static mock-up models. Not real cars because they dont have real powertrains and the performance displayed in game is purely fictional. The aerodynamics also are mostly approximated, you would have to redesign most cars to achieve the performances they claim in game.

  21. I don't want to read your response.

  22. That is extremely ignorant, i didnt even say im against vgt cars. Im actually all for them. Fact is what i said above, i say this because im a car designer, not to annoy people. If you cannot take things for what they are so much that you dont even read what does not go your way you are going to have a tough time in life.

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