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  1. Hey that's my birthday :) i bet something really cool and awesome is gonna happen when I look into the mirror on my 21st birthday :)

  2. A bottle of vodka and a new handgun will appear in your hands

  3. I love these things, that’s why I’m so ducking fat, but I still love them

  4. I know most people who believe in Jesus picture him with long hair, but I hadn't heard he grew his nails long too.

  5. Saw the steaming pitcher and the iced car window and knew what was gonna happen

  6. Fuji because I can find it at Walmart and it’s cheap.

  7. Can something that can get this shot with this good stabilization and quality and from that far away fit in your pocket?

  8. Congrats on becoming the most hated person for today

  9. A captain goes down with his ship. I will not delete this comment

  10. I mean i'm 23 and got a job 6 months ago that pretty much checks all of these boxes in tech.

  11. That sounds amazing. Wish I could get a job like that

  12. I can’t, I suck at math. And my skill set (according to my friends and family) is more geared towards something in the first responder/law enforcement field

  13. To take Snapchat screenshots without them knowing. Take a second phone, make your pictures and send it back to first phone easy

  14. The best way is to go into airplane mode, take the screenshots, delete the app then go out of airplane mode and re download it

  15. This dude sounds like he sees this everyday lmao

  16. I love how no one understands that the joke here is that he got testicular cancer so they all feel the need to point it out

  17. I always keep a lens on my camera, but i usually switch to a kit lens or other cheap lens just in case when its not in use because i’m very clumsy and i’d rather pay the $150-200 then the $500+ haha

  18. me who uses vintage lenses so I only have to pay $50 for the replacement

  19. “It won’t happen again sir, I’m so sorry”

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