1. My SO finally got it too a few days ago. She's on Day 5. Had a fever for the first 2 days but has been in the upswing for the past 3 days. She has all the doses up to the bivalent. Though, she lost her taste and smell, unless it's a strong odor/taste.

  2. I personally wasn't a fan of the story nor characters for YX VIII. Ys games in general aren't story-driven. Gameplay is their focus.

  3. If you're using WiFi, something may have changed without you noticing. Interference from neighboring WiFi, etc.

  4. Is your monitor on? I run a virtual monitor driver in order to get Moonlight to work remotely.

  5. Mind giving a guide or step-by-step how you do this? Would love to learn how to stream games from my PC outside of my home.

  6. I am eagerly awaiting! But no worries if you’re busy

  7. Assuming you are vaccinated and/or have had covid, this seems extremely unnecessary. Covid does not spread on surfaces.

  8. Hmm really? I can lax on the surfaces stuff. But I think should still wear mask and stay in separate areas.

  9. So I’m reading that you can bring up to 2 liters in your carry on luggage? Coming from US so we don’t need to worry about the 100ml bag?

  10. Where are you reading this? The 100ml rule is still there, but one London airport (City, which doesn't have flights to the US) has got new machines that mean the rule doesn't apply there anymore.

  11. Ah I did not read carefully. Flying in/out of Heathrow, thanks!

  12. Holy crap! Thank you for the rec. This is a game changer, but I’m not excited to see the eventual price tag. Going to enjoy using the free version while I can, though.

  13. I'm looking into verb ai. How's it been for you compared to GPT-4?

  14. I've had a lot of luck using it with (also free). Both will let you get spicier than GPT allows. And both are a good option when you run out of GPT-4 prompts for the day, even if you don't need assistance with spicy content.

  15. Cool, I’ve been using Sudowrite to write my actual story and ChatGPT 3.5 (free version, not plus) for brainstorming ideas. But yeah, the cost for SW is pricey.

  16. Lol. My company hired a VP of Product and presented a now / next / later roadmap.

  17. Don’t promise features, period. Use the demands as a chance to initiate a user/customer interview. Chances are, if they have the problem or the need, other customers do too. Find out what’s driving the need. Don’t promise features, much less timelines. Promising features makes you a project manager not a product manager

  18. It came up again just now from a CPO I follow. I’m telling y’all THIS is what product leaders want out of their PMs

  19. Yes, but please tell me how. There’s no one coaching me here at my company and no support system to back me up here. I’m sorry but this doesn’t really help. I see posts like this every day on Twitter and LinkedIn. I do my best to follow this ideal and strive for it but I get wrecked each day.

  20. Falcon Barbershop does alright and charged me $25 for a military fade.

  21. Looks like you put some prose in your prompt? Impressed by the initial generation! How have your other prose-like prompts and generations been?

  22. People are still using it now with ChatGPT and other AIs they can use for free and install on their PCs?

  23. Hmm, didn’t think about that using other free AIs to complement. Any examples?

  24. Open Assistant and the various models you can run locally, like Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna. Check the local llama sub.

  25. Ah sorry. I mean how do you complement writing in one of these AIs and use Sudowrite?

  26. Stick with SD for sure. I moved over to VLAD automatic because it feels more stable. Between LORA's, text inversions, controlnet 1.1 you can do so much more.

  27. Gotcha. Although wondering you're experiencing the same as this user below with Sudowrite?

  28. Sudowrite cost more than NAI but it does a better job with precision. For instance, I can write a story by guided prompts then flush out the paragraphs rather than continuously writing and deleting unwanted text generations.

  29. Thanks for the in-depth answer! In my case, I’m developing a visual novel so I’m using SD mainly for art and characters.

  30. There's also the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. Free on sundays! It's small though and took my SO and I only an hour or so to go through the exhibits.

  31. The problem with GPT fiction is that it always has to end its generations with that weird summary in the style of “But she knew that the hard work was only just beginning…” as if every snippet is a pilot for a TV show. It’s all so very samey in the end, and not fine-tuned for fiction at all. Fine for doing brainstorms, but for prose? I’m looking forward to new models that are more specific in scope.

  32. Have you tried other software like NovelAi or Sudowrite?

  33. Yes, both. I primarily use NovelAI, which is not as powerful as GPT in terms of logical coherence, but which I prefer immensely for its flexibility of style and strong, flavorful prose that you can adjust in all sorts of ways. Sudowrite has some cool features I wish were more common across these tools, but the pricing model is terrible for longer fiction, and it suffers from the inherent blandness of GPT fiction, which is all extremely “mid” and slightly lobotomized by RLHF.

  34. i’m loving the feature updates. started using it for interactive fiction. also working on an IF app in react-native and would love to exchange notes on product sometime.

  35. What are some examples of output you’re getting?

  36. Seems like a generic story IMHO. But some shows and movies are pretty generic too. So that’s probably where GPT gets it from.

  37. So I'm at 4/24 and think the best next card for me is the Amex Gold. Should I get the biz so I can reserve that last slot in case I get a Chase card?

  38. Cost is on the page, generally it's $15 for 10k words, $30 for 24k words or $150 for 120k words.

  39. That seems way too expensive unless I'm not understanding it.

  40. What makes this better than the plethora of co-writing tools out there for fiction e.g AIDungeon, NovelAi, Sudowrite?

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