1. Don't know a single Saab that takes 10w-30.

  2. I understand where you are coming from, and I completely agree that you will not find this information in factory literature. I have spoken to a lot of humans regarding this question, and for me in mid East coast USA hot summers and mild winters, 10w30 full syn is what I use. More than happy to watch this debate happen again though, and always willing to entertain new info.

  3. I'm not willing to debate anything tbh. Saab specifically told owners to use specific types of oil for a reason. If I found out someone put 10w30 in a Saab there is no way in hell I would buy it. What milage and MY is it?

  4. The 9-3 creaks more than the 9-5 but sounds like yours is worse than usual. Did you park it a lot in the sun? Was the interior apart?

  5. Oh I don’t really know since I’m third owner. I think it gets worse in the winter and it does not really matter if I’m parking on the sun or in the shadow. Sometimes I really miss my quiet and peacefull ‘07 S80.

  6. If interior comfort is what you like and preferred, you should've gotten a 9-3 OG or a 9-5 OG. The NG 9-3 had quite a lot of creaky plastics but it's usually not so bad as you describe. A number of things cause this. Namely milage, plastics become more brittle with extreme heat/cold. Also undoing all the interior can sometimes cause creaks when you put it back.

  7. You just wait till its time to replace the servo hoses

  8. Or replace them preemptively and be good for 10 years.

  9. Its a real hassel to do it so i won't do it preemptive

  10. If you think changing hoses is "a real hassle" you should not own a car older than 5 years under any circumstance I'll tell you that much lol

  11. Im not an expert, but recently had rust work done on my car. For the little rust I had, it cost me about 2k. Part of that expense was needing to repain the whole trunk lid, for a rust spot that was the size of a tic tac. Not the only place with rust I had but what im saying is, its a lot more then cutting out the rust and welding a new portion back in. That being said, the rust that the pictures show should be an easy fix for a body shop. Just be sure that there is no rust in the frame, otherwise, a lot can be fabricated with a deep enough wallet.

  12. No rust in the frame? Oh boy I got bad news for you lol. If you live in a salt area it's definitely rusted to shit. It's not a problem unless it's actually rotting and falling apart when you hammer it. My 9-5 is covered in rust underneath and all around the rear arches like OP. Passes yearly inspection no problems

  13. This map isn't remotely true for the entirety of Eastern Europe, Poland etc. It's a disgrace in Russia, Ukraine or Poland (etc) to not feed a guest or such

  14. Was the car babied and maintained by you? Would the 5000 give it another 5 - 10 years of life and is that something you want?

  15. Really you should know your aero by it's overtaking, not it's 0-60. Launching a 15+ year old fwd auto car is also murderous to its internals. That being said, over 9 seconds would indicate something's up.

  16. Who told you a launch is killing your engine ?

  17. It's an old misconception that redlining, launching and pushing the car to it's limit will somehow shorten it's lifespan. It can kill the engine/transmission but only if you are neglecting it's service. Regular oil changes, spark plug changes etc will make sure that no such catastrophic failure happens. If your engine blew or your transmission, it probably had defects/hidden issues/wasn't maintained. You could then say best not to risk it, to which I would agree.

  18. Launching a car shouldn't be murderous to anything if the engine and transmission are healthy and were well maintained.

  19. This stereotype didn't apply back then and most certainly not now with their beater status.

  20. Oh man, that really sucks. I was hoping the plastic piece would be all I needed to replace. Tail lights seem to run ~$150 used. The price to pay as a Saab owner, i guess. Thanks for letting me know.

  21. If you think that's bad wait until you get an older Audi, VW, BMW, Merc or literally any other European brand.

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  25. My 9-5 has been torn apart once for the timing chain and never since

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  28. Was the 9-5 subject to the Tanaka airbag recall? My 05 9-3 was, but I have never owned a 5.

  29. My 06 9-5 is a part of the recall and I know I have a Tanaka airbag (had the steering wheel off for a change) and I have no airbag light though.

  30. Did you take this pic in the void? There's no lighting whatsoever

  31. Yes you should be sketched out. Any time the odometer isn't correct it's 99% bullshit unless they explain why. E.g new engine new odometer for that engine

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  35. You need to configure things like stiffness/center return. It's all feel

  36. Truly a revolutionary post going into insane levels of detail. They need you on the dev team, have you applied? I'll vouch for you.

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