Vinicius Jr. dive vs Atletico Madrid

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  1. So Barcelona went to the regular justice system to have him registered? Isn't that a big no no with FIFA? That you can't involve the regular justice system and should have gone through TAS/CAS.

  2. It works when tebas is deliberately harming Barcelona. All his new rules are twisted against Barça

  3. We‘re sometimes a bit shameless Labeling guys as „made in La masia“. Ronald Araujo is probably the most obvious example cause he obv didn’t really come through La Masia, think he even had some first team appearances for Boston River 😅

  4. Ok but what does it have to do with Julian araujo?

  5. Julian Araujo spent some time in a Barca academy in the US before he went to LA Galaxy, so there's a chance we'd label him as made in la masia 😅

  6. Oh. Didn't know this part. Thank you

  7. Why would Italy teams do this with every transfer? Why cant we give it a go?

  8. Why the CR and Slovakia ever broke up is incomprehensible. What am I missing?

  9. Political mess back in the day. If we didn't break up, Czechs and slovaks would hate each other. In the end it worked out for everyone and we kept very close relationship and still think of us as brothers.

  10. Fuck that guy so so much. Love from Czech republic.

  11. Even a 2A4 claps T90 arse. People who have no clue just think everything needs to be the newest and flashiest to be useful.

  12. Its not like russia has a lot of T-90s and even less of those newest upgrades.

  13. Vinicius is disgusting diver and agressive player

  14. ronaldo actually made al-nassr worse lmao

  15. So i guess PSG is gonna have to invent some new sponsors

  16. guy selling hot dogs outside of stadium decided to sponsor the club, totally worth new 200m revenue

  17. all I took from this is "if Barca calls me, I go"...Xavi thank you and good luck

  18. I don't understand how is Manzano allowed to referee Barcelona matches

  19. Putin said Russian weapons are "decades ahead" of anything NATO has, so why are they fussed about a few dozen tanks?

  20. its funny. These russian lies are what pushed western technology forward.

  21. We'll always have 2004, no matter how awful we are 😍

  22. Hate u for the 2004. But its euros I remember most fondly.

  23. Sad, I wanted him at Barça in the summer. What can you do

  24. Samsung going in Apple style again. The iPhone 14 has barely changed compared to the 13 series. Except for the prices. Just like Samsung is doing now.

  25. Camera alone on iPhone 14 pro is big change since Apple has had 12 mpx for like eternity.

  26. I love how Czech fish is so much bigger than Slovakia. Still love you brothers, its just fun to make fun out of you

  27. They gonna have to repaint haha.

  28. He is properly fucked. Completely ruined himself and hope he gets to be punished accordingly...unacceptable

  29. French média in panic. Argentinian média agree with Romero.

  30. I hate this camouflage cop cars, not visible signs of police on the car.

  31. yes and ceuta is on spanish territory

  32. Anyone feels like the content is absolutely lackluster? There are no videos from the squad after so much hype and forming team early.

  33. This is not about direct delivery from Germany or German industry, it's about a collective effort from all allies running the Leopard II system.

  34. Mate we Czechs dont even have 14 leopards. We just got 2 2A4s out of those 14 for giving all our t72 tanks to ukraine.

  35. There is passion, there is vision, there is aggression, what a fucking mindset on this player

  36. Boehly is on crack if he is really offering contract until 2030

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