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  1. Ones that are reputable generally wont touch em. I know we wont.

  2. You didnt get to where you are with $10000 installs and crazy custom builds by letting the customer dictate the products that you put your name on for the results. You are the professional, therefore, you get to control your outputs and ultimately the customer experience. That's how you create value and demand for your work. Keep killing it bro!

  3. Ignoring the other parameters or assuming they are the same, Sensitivity is usually measured at 1khz with full range drivers, it won't define output with lower frequencies, so there is a good chance the 8's will have more bottom end.

  4. sensitivity isn't typically measured at 1khz. It is usually calculated based on TS parameters.

  5. Your replies make me smarter lol, looks like I have more to learn, thanks.

  6. In silly ways that makes them appear more sensitive than they truly are. Typically done by the marketing department lol

  7. Oh, I thought they are the same company because both websites (vanguardautomotivedesign and resonixsoundsolutions) list the same phone number under their contact info. (I looked after noticing your flair had both companies named.)

  8. They're not the same company. I just own both. Call or email for any help :)

  9. Got your order packed today :)

  10. I'm sure she was VERY shocked in the fifth take they did, after the producer gave her some notes about how to look so scared.

  11. Believe it or not, hells kitchen is completely unscripted

  12. I would recommend Resonix but if you think Best Buy is expensive...... You would be getting one of the best installers in the country though.

  13. 10k is what we fetch for our introduction full systems. While it is our entry level offering, it is by no means "entry level" on the grand scheme :)

  14. This is why you buy authorized. That seller has reports on a few forums of zero after sale support, not honoring return policy, questionable products, etc.

  15. Yeah I know.. Should have bought it from you skiz. Do you offer anyway to purchase online or do any shipping? Probably in the market for a new helix director lol

  16. everything that leaves my hands has warranty and support. I can help if there is no local dealer

  17. Any car with front and rear subframes or vacuum controlled engine mounts is. Have you ever seen how thick carpet is on a Jag or an S class? Think twice.

  18. Why am I willing to bet that you cannot afford either of those cars, yet are suggesting to a Honda civic owner that he should be getting them instead of doing soundproofing. Get a grip.

  19. Probably because of limited life experience

  20. Been in 11 years, making $24.xx hourly in a small-ish college town at Best Buy. It’s good enough for me for now.. great vacation policy. started at $9/hr in 2010. Honestly, once you’re competent I don’t think a cent under $20 is worth the hassle of the job, at least where I’m at. Other shops may vary.

  21. Interested in moving to NY? :)

  22. Still, I'd be asking for half that unless there's some sort of extenuating circumstances. You're not flipping burgers. Honestly, not to be mean, but I think you're getting screwed a bit. Have you called any other shops asking if they're hiring experienced techs? Might end up with a new job making more. Or an offer that lights a fire under your boss to pay you more. Hell, you could just "let him know" you're talking to other shops as a "courtesy" and see what happens(note, this possibly entails some risk if it backfires so take with a grain of salt)

  23. Youd expect to get half of what the shop charges for labor? Pfffffff

  24. I guess the copper coating can be considered the oxygen-free copper part? lol

  25. Damn, that's what the high end audio shop out here recommend, the LC7i

  26. I wonder why the shop didn't offer me ampro? I might go to a couple of more and see what they offer. Looking at the invoice, there wasn't even the wiring harnesses for my door or dash speakers.

  27. You don't need harnesses for door or dash speakers. That said, your car may not be compatible. They might know something random guys on the internet who don't have your car in front of them don't know.

  28. Why? Because the clarity of what was being offered and salesmanship component and pressure.

  29. What shop is this if you don't mind me asking. I can probably offer some insight.

  30. That's a fair point, but my main reason for buying these was based on the sale price. If they're crap, I'll return them and just upgrade at a later time.

  31. 20 dollars to ship to germany?

  32. That was a poor assumption, but after looking at flat rate int'l shipping it's around 60-80 dollars for the package weight....... oof.

  33. What I'm trying to get at is that these bargains come at a cost and usually aren't as much of a bargain as it seems. Also, I've yet to be able to ship a set of speakers to europe for less than 150.

  34. Not hearing Natans, you fucked up lol

  35. Absolutely. I own a car audio shop and I've had my current demo car for almost 2 years and my install isn't even close to done yet.

  36. Lol no. Smaart (earlier versions) can be got for free and something like a mini DSP mic is about >90

  37. But still, why use that to acoustically measure this? Just use a cheap sound card and pipe electrical signal into something like rew. Hell, it's a 3 band eq. Why bother doing it at all? Lol

  38. Yeah, because someone asking about the graphic 3 band eq on their headunit will want to spend 850 on software, 1000 on mics and interface, and have the know-how to use it..

  39. Shouldn't effect lower fre2uencies at all considering phase is relative to the speakers it's mating to, and nothing else is mating to the subwoofer down low.

  40. What summing device would you use?

  41. No summing devices. DSP's only. It's 2022 :)

  42. Did you try reading the post? :)

  43. That's a rating without a crossover applied. Once that crossover is applied, that 100 watts on full range music turns into 2 watts very easily

  44. Were putting 3 of them in a car soon

  45. Nah, just a call back to those guys from a while back.

  46. Which guys? The members here who's minds explode if you charge more than 4 dollars an hour and spend more than 15 minutes indtalling anything? Lol. This one is closer to 50 than it is 20, how's that ;)

  47. Yet people here doesn't like to acknowledge when a company has a decent product.

  48. Accept that your definition of decent is looser than most others.

  49. Again, says who? Who is most others? People who’ve, most likely, only owned 1-3 different brands in their life? Most people parrot what they hear/read. They will we something a total stranger says, who may or may not be talking out of his ass, and take it as gospel just because he saw someone else say something similar once. I’m just saying, people should probably be more careful when they use absolutes or generalities.

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