1. Ha, have you seen the property values there? They make California blush. It is so bad that local workers are having to live in long-term hotels that are as expensive as NYC apartments.

  2. Russia usually puts out both far left and far right content. Their main goal, at least pre-war, is to undermine confidence in democratic systems and increase polarization.

  3. Given that there is literally no far left in the USA anymore...they should know that doing so is a waste of time. The democrats killed their own left wing in the early 90s and it has never recovered

  4. That crash happened out here. All 6 occupants in the vehicle died (5 on scene, 1 at the ER). Yea, 911 came on scene; no, there wasn't a happy ending.

  5. Putin...thought by some to be a 4D chess player 8 months instead unmasked as a bad Scooby Doo villain.

  6. They already had a vote during independence and even Crimea voted 54% for independence from Russia. WTF is Elon doing?

  7. Elon is being an attention whore, and an obtuse rich idiot. It is a day that ends in 'y'.

  8. Don't. Any one of them could have helped him avoid falling down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, and they didn't.

  9. His employees, at least, had no chance of persuading him of anything. Basically no CEO cares about or talks to the rank/file employees. They mouth off, they're fired. And the senior managers with his ear only get to be senior managers because they're yes-men.

  10. There are times where the bar to prove a conspiracy among businesses is ridiculously high and shouldn't be that way....this case, however, is one of those that are why the bar is as high as it is.

  11. I'd have gone with "fuck that guy", but 'no' is much more polite.

  12. Eventually all key states will go blue. It will suck that diseases we thought we conquered like polio came back, but in the long run we get balanced budgets and better health insurance.

  13. Not really. Throughout history, rural areas and farmland have been refuges during times of pestilence like plague and flu and so on. Very simple reason, extremely low population density made infection much more unlikely.

  14. Local Mexican joint here does a great breakfast burrito the size of your fore arm. Eggs, bacon, cheese, sour cream and potatoes. Mmmm

  15. I was referring to psychopaths, they can be beneficial for society because of their cool minds but they can become monsters once they develop fetishes because how the Liberal free society can reflect on them, they are careless so they usually act upon things without realizing what is right or wrong. Again the Bible can learn anyone empathy.

  16. Whatever pastors do in churches has nothing to do with that the Bible says, again society is to blame, once a pastor got caught with a minor and turned out to be an atheist.

  17. Very quiet. Then very very loud. Then extremely quiet again.

  18. The thing the USA, anyway, industrial agriculture is basically 99% of the way there already. It is sort of like arguing whether there should be 1 person watching over a 3 mile long coal train and driving it...or two.

  19. I'll never understand why office admins would need a Bachelors degree. An associates should be enough

  20. HR wants applications....but not that many applications to consider.

  21. iirc isn’t the world phasing out 3G? At least in most places.

  22. The problem being, many carriers in many places have black holes of coverage where there's only 3G at best currently, if not 2G.

  23. Attitude like that, they deserve to not have enough employees.

  24. Hopefully the drivers are worth a damn

  25. Should demand to see where they're keeping ID records to keep illegals from signing up. It is a game we play locally with the VoterID idiots.

  26. I love how they solely focus on fast food workers. There are a lot of jobs that pay minimum wage that aren't fast food, but these fucks almost exclusively talk about fast food workers. It's ageism, a lot teenagers and young adults work fast food compared to other minimum wage jobs.

  27. One of my neighbors suggested I get acupuncture for my dog last week. Fortunately at that moment my dog started barking at and I used the distraction to walk away.

  28. One of my coworkers is a certified dog trainer. Good person, cares about animals....

  29. The thing lacking in this analysis. Particularly in many parts of the world right they only focus on the atmospheric/economic damage.

  30. The persecuted majority needs something to panic and freak out about.

  31. Per MLID, there's allegedly a 20-30% early-adopter-tax that AMD is pulling on pricing...because they're confident they can, but yes it is high no matter what. It is quite possible these prices will go down after the holiday shopping season--if demand is poor.

  32. Why would the school system choose to use his program? He’s an elite athlete, what works for him isn’t going to work for kids. Plus, he’s using methods not validated by science.

  33. Also...Brady made $$$$$ bank on his teammates. Using his supposed secret-knowledge to get his teammates to eschew their included fitness trainers from the team in exchange for his.

  34. Read it? Have you seen how thick that book is? LOL

  35. I have the MK kit. I'd never buy the Lego kit, such things are for people who buy Pokemon cards as investment vehicles

  36. MK kit has a proper cockpit. Only thing is the black out windows

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