1. OH OH guys, guys, Russia is going to push back NOW ok... got it.

  2. LPR? DPR? No, only Russian store fronts. It has been Russia resposible since 2014.

  3. Prisoner zerg. The vast majority of those poor idiots are literally to expend Ukrainian ammo.

  4. But… but I was protected by the lord Z!!! How could this have happened?!?!

  5. You serious? Trust me, this is not to defend against white terrorists. This is strictly to defend against the exact people who feed on their own and anyone else who happens to walk in their path. The US will forever be unsafe because we allowed guns to flourish, wash across the land unchecked, and now anyone without any sense of safety, responsibility, and civic awareness can own a gun and use it as they please, when they please.

  6. I'm surprised that they don't change the name of the city to Putingrad

  7. That time, when Putin was in Austria, and the Austrians were so wooed by him speaking German.

  8. On one side the anger in me says slay the beast for it is a Wagner beast. On the other hand one can not imagine the mind fuckery of the Russian machine, especially in the military, as the propaganda is not of this realm of reality and the orders they are forced to submit to are as well. I applaud ANYONE who realizes this war is wrong and tries their best, in the only way they can, to leave it behind. While he is a pawn he is at least trying to stop the madness. As for what he may or may not have done in terms of crimes committed, who knows.

  9. Russia is a sandal, worn by Putin to walk through his golden toilet room.

  10. I wouldn’t exactly call what Russia has as intelligence.

  11. I am willing to bet that pilots have been training on F-16s for some time now. Crews to support. Crews for the tanks. Systems in place for longer ranged missiles. The announcements are just a formality.

  12. Damn you, this actually made me laugh almost barking loud in the office when I should not be looking at my damned phone!!!!

  13. Sorry, anyone supporting Russian aggression should be deported, why even give them time?

  14. I feel bad for the people who made this. It was clear they were trying really hard to match that stylish, frenetic tone of the anime... But it was just a fool's errand. There's some real effort on display, and you can see them almost succeeding sometimes, but you just can't do that in live action as well as you can with an animated medium and so you're doomed to fail.

  15. Agree, it was not a bad attempt, I enjoyed parts of it a lot.

  16. Me watching Zeihan videos - “sounds like the future is screwed… but does this mean there are more hot women to choose from for me?”

  17. So I am assuming this is fresh? Also assuming this small city or town was fully inhabited when attacked?

  18. Rotted brain propaganda copium. These duckers live in the past to justify their present mindset. Never mind Russia is a fascist state with a dictator ruling over the slaves. Never mind Russia is an aggressior that threatens ALL of its neighbors with war and the world with nuclear armageddon. Showing their people that they only “do good” while they literally level cities, towns, infrastructure, that takes years to build. Civilians are attacked at all hours as death is rained upon them via missiles and molten rain. Nevermind the brutality on women, the executions, tortures, countless rape and murder. The audacity these clowns have to make fun of Europe to help Ulraine defend itself. The audacity these clowns have to claim NATO are the aggressors here when clearly Russia is on the march to war since years regardless of the peace that has reigned before they started the war. Russia started this but NATO will have to end it, that much is clear. We must not only drive Russia to its borders but also do our part in seeking JUSTICE on the ring leaders of this fiasco, which not only includes Putin, but all of these clowns on tv banging the drums of war, nuclear holocaust, and death.

  19. Oh gosh those insults, welp boys pack it in they won now!

  20. Russia you pretty much involved yourself in murdering and leveling civilians and cities. Get fucked.

  21. Here I am, and American Jew with polish, possibly Ukranian (waiting on DNA analysis since I found out my Great grandfather emigrated from Kyiv) and hungarian ancestry, rooting for Germans and Poles working together to take down an evil dictator who invaded Ukraine under the pretense that it’s government is lead by a Nazi Jew.

  22. Incredible right? How things change over the decades... well... Russia has not changed much.

  23. why they dont blast poland as it is more agrressive in helping ukraine, they see germany think twice attitude as a weakness so they blast germany with this rhetoric.

  24. Because they view Germany as the leadership of Europe. They think they still have big sway over those they bought. Germany is coming out of its grips alright.

  25. noone bought germany. germany simply tried to reason with russia in order to prevent war but they underestimated the stubborn and stupid russian government which seems to not want to live in a world where peace is prevalent.

  26. Hate it so much I live in Bonn. No clue? Several politicians have been influenced by Russian $way. Some are truly ideological nut jobs who want to sing Kumbaya. Most are grounded in reality. I don’t hate Germany, obviously, I do think that some have had their palms greased, some have genuine fear of Russia, and others are just trying too hard to be pragmatic when that should have been dropped some time ago. Regardless Germany is finally coming around.

  27. I love it when in other videos he starts to say, MEENUS, MEENUS, as in minus like scratch 1.

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