1. Great teamwork! I myself if not a big fan of MMC but then again, I could never do what you and your mate did in just one try 👍

  2. You get my vote for Uncharted and Tomb Raider, both has exceptional smooth handling and stunning graphics.

  3. If i am dumb and its not possible can anyone recommend somethifn else on it ?

  4. Is it for MMC? Otherwise be happy with water stance. I have had the same problem with several legendary items, what I really wanted was really hard to get, so sometimes I settled, and sometimes I went farming for cursed items. There is unfortunately no magic trick. Just keep on trying.

  5. If the Russians did it but it was obviously a transcription error in targeting, like swapping Lat and Long for targets in Kyiv and Lviv, it’s probably best to not throw any surprises to the Kremlin by responding in force.

  6. You are right, there is literally no way Russia would risk dragging NATO into this war by by sending a single (in some versions two) rocket into Polish farm land.

  7. The Greeks beg to differ, though they probably practiced pederasty over homosexuality.

  8. I'd also like to thank you... So thank you very much 👍

  9. I have no idea why your comment got downvoted :/ It’s a pretty reasonable assumption.

  10. Mthrfcker stayed up there forever, gonna give him that. But it don't look like anyone could survive the crash.

  11. That is a insanely durable machine. I couldn't believe it stayed airborne that long.

  12. I know Denmark sent 54 such vehicles to Ukraine this spring/summer, could be some of those. They should make great taxi vehicles.

  13. This is awesome. And even without a single SAD stat on your gear, to assure your chain assassinations! Your timing is impeccable 👍

  14. While you wait on an answer from a better person than me, I wish you all the best and urge you to consider if anything is not more that nothing. Life is bloody terrifying, but that's is exactly why we should keep on striving.

  15. Tribalism is exactly what made us great in the first place, it seems poetic that it's now a hurdle that we must surpass if we wish to advance further.

  16. I somewhat agree with your statement. At least competition between groups made us excell, but also made us aware that we were competitive against other groups. This unfortunately made us very intergroup bias. But of course it's the world we live in.

  17. Tribalism has devastated Pakistan's attempt to move forward. That and a religion, that by most are taken literally. It's hard to image a world where shia and sunni will get along.

  18. The front lines look the a french countryside during World War I. Or a greener moon.

  19. In the light of the recent serious setbacks of the RFA the likely thing to regain the initiative on the battlefield, would be to declare the 'special operation ' a war, this would allow Russia to throw in the whole might of their military apparatus. But even so, it looks like a uphill battle, as it seems like their whole command structure is an integral part of the problem they are having right now. Also moral in among Russian forces seems to be plummeting. That however could be reversed by adding new equipment and manpower to the front lines. Let's hope UA consolidates their gains before anything serious happens.

  20. It takes a while to mobilize though. It would take a while to get everyone in place with their units and equipment and start sending them in. If they just start throwing shit at the front lines all willy nilly they will probably just get chewed to shit.

  21. I totally agree on both points. How ever I canå see Russia accepting this defeat and not acting on it quickly. And with the present forces, it doesn't seem doable.

  22. As others have said before, the offensives in Kherson and Kharkiv areas were probably planned jointly. The Kherson offensive was announced many weeks before its commencement, and likely as planned the Russians re-arranged their forces to meet the coming threat.

  23. While it looks like Ukraine is making progress at both fronts, it also comes at a cost is this article from the Washington Post is to be believed:

  24. Exploding blade tech and exploding blade radius on samury charm is going to make a parry build deadly on gold at least. All the melee dmg you can get -one for counter dmg. With all the parrying you'll be doing, your are going to ult a lot. Edit: Also, change tech two to health gain at parry kill.

  25. Is there any way to post photos in the comments? I have two different parry builds. Both works best on gold but I'm sure they (or one of them) can be improved to Platinum

  26. Nice. But are your only source of healing blessed strikes and the parry kill heal? You must be so much better at parrying than me, without the parry increase % I'm fucked. I run a similar build, but has the parry legendary sword instead of kunai. And melee stagger dmg on my caltrops.

  27. My Surugami samurai uses the healing parry technic, which gives quite a lot of health. Hence I have dropped the bottled healing for caltrops and that way get longer fire dmg. So my sole means of healing is parry and blessed strikes. It work wonders in gold where only few oni are attacking. Tho later waves get a bit more difficult. Otherwise my build is very similar to yours. Have fun 😊

  28. No worries about the English. However I tend to favor Spirit Kunai on my ronin, as the more estrapes and kunai you kan fire and the more often you can drop healing the more you can help your team. Enjos will certainly get some damage done, but spirit kunai also has the add SED time and should be self-contained without cool down added. Also, I guess you like melee when using the katana de mestre? I go for the stone striker, to spend the extra energy on a hard unblocked strike But if this works with your play style, then great! All in all it looks devastating imo.

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