1. I used to catch them and sell them to a pond store in Sarasota years ago. We’d set lines with circle hooks on the bottom and put blanched cucumber on the hooks.

  2. Lucky! I’m 12.5 mpg. In my 2015 with 52000 miles.

  3. I have several space coins, some of my favorites!

  4. There should be a law where we can take these fuckers out. Shove them up against the barrier and keep on truckin’

  5. The tread is very similar to Ironman mt, they were good tires got 30000 miles and still had about half the tread but they were terrible if it rained and you hit a puddle at 35-40 mph you were hydroplaning. Other than that not a bad design and at 170$ for 35’s it was a steal. Since then I put on pro comp mt 37’s and what a difference in rain. I think the pro comps were worth double the price for a daily driver.

  6. I like that! Nice tat, just got a skull on my hand to go with the skulls and Reaper on my sleeve.

  7. You don’t say? Well it just so happens I’m very good at getting my dick sucked!

  8. Doesn’t matter what others say, you posted it so you must have enjoyed it. That’s all that matters!

  9. The semi was in the intersection first making the truck liable for all damages.

  10. We had a dickeys in Wichita for a few months…. We’re not known for good bbq but this place failed.

  11. You are who you are, you don’t have too define yourself as anything. Enjoy it!!

  12. I literally had a guy pull out in front of me and go really slow on Harry just past rock, no one behind me, he could have waited 1 second and been fine, but I had to slam on my brakes and change lanes. When I passed him he flipped me off. I just had to laugh 😂. His plan failed.

  13. I found a master tech for jeep that did side work he charged $500 per axle just for labor. I had some friends help me swap out the front d30 for an ud44 already geared to 4.88. Something you might consider when putting 35’s on a d30. I bent mine on light trails. It ran fine in the city on with 3.73 gearing but it was shit on the trails with 35’s. I’m now on 37’s with the 4.88 gears, it does well on trails now in 4 low but now I’m searching for a rubicon transfer case.

  14. That’s cute!! Our toy poodle loves sweet escape and sings along every time it comes on!!

  15. It’s ok, there is always next year, and year after that.

  16. Gas just doesn’t have the flavor of charcoal. I prefer charcoal for smoking and general burgers and dogs. I recently got a pellet smoker and I’m going to spatchcock the turkey this year, previously I I used charcoal to smoke a whole turkey on my kettle and it’s always turned out great!!

  17. Damn, I’ve never had any luck with bottom round but I’ve also never cooked it that low for so much time. Looks good!!

  18. So you’re saying we as Americans are better than we have ever been, right now?

  19. Besides the political division and threat of world war, yes, there's no better time to be alive and be American.

  20. Just curious, no hate. What makes political division and the threat of WW3 the best time to live in? Wouldn’t world peace, no division, all people, no matter color or religion be a better time?

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