1. I didn't like it, kept waiting for it and it never came. Then a bullshit ending.

  2. what does it feel to watch american horror story high? sounds like a wild experience to pick to watch

  3. That's part of the point of it, to make people feel uncomfortable.

  4. I don't give a fuck if it bombs or not.

  5. What is dumb about roanoke is the fact that they went back.

  6. I was thinking that Mike didn't call the guys off of watching Saul and Kim.

  7. flying to Germany and haivng a nice gun with a silencer when he gets there.

  8. More Walt and Saul at the vacuum cleaner guys place. They have to explain how Saul got to Omaha anyway.

  9. and when you re-kill them, they show up where they first died.

  10. As a half Jewish person, I have always thought of it as getting a little baptism in the womb. Come out of the womb of a Jewish person and you have soaked in the Jewish juice. By this logic I think the baby would count as Jewish. However, it’s also just my weird way of envisioning it.

  11. My father isn’t Jewish but my mom is. Technically I’m 100% Jewish from the matrilineal perspective, but I was raised with a mix of Judaism and Christianity and kind of ended up nothing. DNA tests can tell if you are Jewish, so culturally I’m half Jewish.

  12. DNA can't tell what belief system you adhere to.

  13. One knocks them out, one knocks them up.

  14. That would just basically make them angels and demons.

  15. White eyes right off the bat and scanners

  16. All we can do is hope it will be explained.

  17. What if some people didn't take it and brought it to the police or a lab after seeing all that shit going down?

  18. meh. Too short first of all. Not gonna get into second and third and ....

  19. Well, the one original hippy guy pale has been there for several years.

  20. Could be anything, but I hope they explain that shit.

  21. I like how happy Alma was when she mentioned the guy that killed himself because he couldn't play the song.

  22. the daughter is totally gonna eat the baby lol. she won't have the same control as dad.

  23. Or he'll catch her eating the baby and say fuck it and get a drink or 2 in himself.

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