1. I wonder what the particular issue is, it’s weird that an unreleased track is tied to a management group

  2. Omg so will this be the case for In My Civic as well?

  3. The cinematography is so good! Jae also has so much charisma in this!

  4. I’d like to say this is very much thanks to that exposure from Visions!

  5. I’d prefer he don’t just to escape any potential drama. He’s burnt enough bridges on that side of things lol

  6. Isn't that something he once said he wants to do? For some reason I recall it...can anyone else remember him saying that? It was in one of his old streams when he was still in Day6 and in Korea, I believe.

  7. Yes I do recall him saying that as part of an answer about wanting to do music for his life. Ultimately though he is a singer-songwriter first rather than just a songwriter. That’s a big part of his move back to America, to try and prove himself in the US music scene. Ideally he’d want to keep his songs and perform them himself but he’s not in a good financial situation so as a means to an end he’s needing to sell his songs.

  8. I think he needs to learn from Clinton Kane. He’s the best at teasing songs on TikTok lol

  9. Not to be harsh but when I saw his streaming goal for a typical story, I was extremely skeptical about it. I had just attended his sg concert before seeing his post and

  10. Can I also just say Taiwan and Singapore were interesting choices for his first solo concert locations but then again he already had Manila and Jakarta which I think are some of his biggest if not are his biggest fanbases so Taiwan and Singapore may have been thrown in to make it tour

  11. It’s a big maybe. It requires one thing - that DAY6 decides to get out of JYPE post extension, because there’s no way Jae’s coming back to that company. Jae’s made his statement about how they’re due a talk as 5 once everyone’s out, the others probably wouldn’t say anything in public about that given they’re under contract and blah blah. But unfortunately there’s no definitive answer to that question

  12. No, Day6 need to leave the kpop system behind. Jae is COMPLETELY DONE with the Kpop industry, it was not just JYPE that he had a problem with. Idol and Indie don't go together.

  13. No shot, a single/double single is in high possibility tho!

  14. To be honest, I prefer it with the bassline of the live version but it still sounds great nonetheless

  15. I wish there was actual slap bass in it like the live version

  16. it makes a whole lot of a difference, right?

  17. Kinda wanna go but idrk most of the lyrics to his solos except for car crash... Will think about it when I see the tix prices

  18. To be fair Car Crash is really the only song he has out rn xD

  19. I remember reading that he immediately left for Brazil after high school so even if some teams were interested in getting him they simply didn’t/couldn’t reach him

  20. His voice became my favourite in DAY6 and I also played guitar so naturally I was more interested in him from how he was the lead guitarist. Outside of being a performer, guitarist and talented musician, I always thought he was very relatable!

  21. If any one's interested, i made an eajpark subreddit. it's still currently on private, but let me know if you wanna join so i can add you and u can maybe check it out (like all the banners and rules and stuff) im fairly new to making and moderating a subreddit so any criticisms is welcome!! thanks!!

  22. A lot of negativity on this thread. Like when did it stop being about just the music 😭😭😭

  23. On the contrary I think it is mostly about the music. I’d say most of us here fell in love with the sound of DAY6 OT5. I’d say for most of us (especially for those who saw them live) our memories are of them performing those songs as 5 so when the possibility of not being able hear and see them as they were in those precious memories increases it just hurts more. And yes while the 4 of them are still DAY6 and Jae is only one piece of the puzzle and that the music they will make as 4 will be great for sure, at least for now no matter how much we cope it just will never be the same. (Plus the general consensus even in the kpop reddit was that they wanted the band to gtfo of studj)

  24. Maybe j can rejoin later, or is that even allowed? It’s just sad that they can’t mention him anymore, and that’s more difficult considering they’ve been together for years :(

  25. The group would have to decide to leave the company for that to happen. That’s the reality of it and currently we are much further from that reality unfortunately

  26. I think EOD's second mini goes a bit "darker" than their first! Maybe that would be a good place to start. Enjoy the music!

  27. Just to add to this, a lot of EoD’s music generally also has a retro flavor to it compared to DAY6 music

  28. Oh wow, turns out bad publicity is still publicity. But I get it. There is something about their music and that's why OT5s still want to be hopeful. For me, it isn't even about the band promoting together and that's why I understand why Jae left. It's about the kind of music that only the 5 of them can make together. I guess. I'm not saying losing one member reduces the quality of music the remaining members can make. It just wouldn't have the same flavor that I have come know and love. Anyways, we'll see.

  29. That last bit about the flavor is perfectly put into words. The 4 of them will probably make good music as DAY6 does but it’ll definitely be different and right now I don’t want different.

  30. Yes! Even in “Sincerely,” his hair was dyed black I think so this may be the longest period of time that we’ve seen him without any sort of hair dye

  31. Ah yeah I'm just talking about whether the boys know about Jae's termination beforehand which they most likely did. I really want to believe there's a way, and if Jae keeps going in the direction he's going now, the possibility will be much better than we thought. I've witnessed people who left him in Jan coming back, a lot of them just need time to process things.

  32. They definitely all did know Jae was leaving the company one way or the other after discussing it in a meeting in 2020 when Jae brought them his from friends stuff. Now whether early termination was in the discussion is a question I don’t know the answer to but regardless I believe the main points of discussion of that 2020 meeting were that Jae was gonna leave the company and Sungjin would go to the military in March just after their book of us series finale album. Jae has said that they’ll have a talk about the future again once contract renewals are closer for the band and when the 4 are all back - which will be in 2024. Obviously he said this before the Jamie incident but in 2024 it’ll have been a long time since then, and Jae’s already been forgiven some time ago by the main victim which is also part of the story and if Jae continues to heal and improve himself as he’s been doing since then and if he can stay away from any bigger controversies, I think things will be okay for when the time comes for them to have that future discussion about the bands future. Obviously I don’t know what the other 4 would want but hey we can hope that they somehow end up as 5 again.

  33. Tbh? Studio J was monitor him and knew his intentions and Jae not wanting to cooperate (for a solo album or whatever ) really made them to change their pick and push YK more . And just with the sugar daddy incident totally benched him and didn't care about him at all. Not call for an ot4 album or promo or whatever they cut him off totally and it was obvious they told the trio to stop mentioning him while they were talking about SJ all the time. So the relationship between Jae and the company escalated for the worse and decided to ask for termination sooner. But even leaving now i really doubt he would continue to promote for D6 under Jype and im sure the rest knew also long time ago even before SJ enlists and prepare Negentropy. Jae is a lot of things but not a liar and he was fed up with the way jype moving and how they limit them and have zero will to push them more globaly so the rest 4 knew his thoughts anyways.

  34. Just on your point about Jae not cooperating, I’m actually more inclined to believe that Jae would’ve been down to do a solo album had he been presented with the opportunity to; it’s just JYPE decided they didn’t want to probably based on multiple factors like controversies and his basically his expression of wanting to leave the company. Business wise I believe they saw all that and didn’t want to push forward. Along with that I think they also didn’t really seek to salvage the relationship with him, at least not trying as hard as they should have if they really wanted to keep him. Bottomline, yes Jae was probably not mentally at his best last year but Jae was always ready for any sort of work they would give him, they just didn’t unless it was a DAY6 group job.

  35. Seeing that they restocked almost everything since Daydream does Jae get get a cut or a fee?

  36. We can’t know for sure but assuming his voice is still in the music he should be getting a cut but that’s all copyright stuff that only Jae, his lawyer and JYPE probably discussed about.

  37. What are the pink cubes next to the fried chicken??

  38. Best guess would be pickled radish. I think they’re used as a palate cleanser

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